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Many people wrote me stating they could not access the photobucket link with all of my pictures. I finally found a better site and have uploaded nearly 150 photos at the following link:

Photos include the most recent ones of the car and show the new water pump installed.

If you are on facebook I have created a page for the car. You can find it here.

I have decided that my 1996 Harlequin Golf named Lucy Blue is going up for adoption. I realize that my ad is a long read, but if you want the details they're all in there. I believe in providing all the info I can so a buyer can make an informed choice. Buying a car online is hard and time is important so I've tried to address everything I can remember in my ad. Still have questions? Just send me a message.

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IMG_1846 by Vdublover

I've only posted a sample of photos here so be sure to check the links below to see them all. Let me know if you have trouble with the links. Some people say the flickr account gives them trouble.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157671949354913

About my particular Harlequin.
This is a two owner, clean, unmolested Harlequin. I searched for nearly ten years before I purchased this one. What’s really cool is that my Harlequin was sold new locally at Reeves VW in Tampa, Florida in November of 1996. After nearly a decade long process of attempting to buy her I finally convinced the original owner to sell her to me. The car was a daily driver for many years. She has normal paint chips, dings and a few tiny spots of surface rust as expected for a driven 20 year old car. However when washed and waxed, she still looks great! Most of the paint blemishes are on the grille, hood and top edge of the roof due to the infamous Florida love bugs (Google them if you are confused). The beauty of this car is that it has never been in an accident and still wears most of its original paint. I did choose to respray the mirror caps in 2016 due to fading. Other than that, the only paint work done on the car has been to the front bumper and left front fender. According to the original owner, the VW dealer must have damaged the left front edge of the bumper and fender when it was new and then touched it up before she purchased it. I checked behind the panels. Both are still factory originals. Stock Harlequin paint is just a single stage with no clear. However, the dealer clear coated the paint on the bumper and left fender. Unfortunately, most of the clear has peeled off of the bumper and the fender but the paint still shines underneath. For being 21 year old paint I feel it’s in overall great condition. The rear bumper top could use to be repainted as the paint is down to the primer in a few areas. My future plans included repainting the front and rear bumpers, grille, and the left fender. But as you can see in the photos, the car really looks great as is. I'm torn between leaving her original and painting those few p[arts.. That choice is yours.
Before this car was sold new in 1996 the dealer installed the color matched 15x7 Momo Idea wheels. These wheels are a cool and unique piece of automotive history. They have some very minor curbing in some areas but it could easily be touched up. I repainted the center caps due to fading but left the wheels themselves original. Reeves VW also created a custom lightning bolt shaped antenna for the car and painted it yellow. Although I don’t drive with it on the car (I prefer the stock antenna) I have the custom one saved and it will go with the sale. I also have the original owner’s manuals in the glove box.
When I purchased the car the original owner had installed seat covers over the seats. The seats which are the most crucial part for a Harlequin are in great condition. The seats are clean with no rips or holes. The driver’s seat shows minor wear on the left bolster and there is some slight fading on the upper sides of the back seats due to the Florida sun (I had the windows tinted to preserve the interior). Overall, the car looks beautiful inside! I look at cars for a living and the interior of my car is in better shape than many cars that are just a few years old! The carpet is exceptionally clean and shows no wear. Door panel upholstery is clean with no rips. The headliner is new.

Mechanical: The car runs and drives great. The engine has approximately 172k original miles. The stock 2.0 engine still has plenty of power and the 5-spd transmission shifts smoothly. I've replaced all the shift bushings except for the main rod bushing (which will need replacing at some point). In my parts stash I have all the other shifter parts that could ever need replacing. They are new and go with the car. I know the clutch was replaced by the previous owner but I don't know when. All I know is that it performs perfectly. Over the past two years I installed many new parts (see the list below) including a new A/C system. When I purchased her, the suspension was original. Because I wanted to keep her period correct I added H&R sport springs to lower her a bit and to improve handling. I also installed KONI orange struts and along with new strut bearings and all bushings and dust boots. She rides and drives excellent!

20160410_145618 by Vdublover
20150216_155811 by Vdublover
IMG_1759 by Vdublover
20150418_141745 by Vdublover

Paint still shines nice when washed and waxed. The only exception being the rear bumper cover. It's down to the primer in a few spots. There are a few dings (including two on the right rear door), chips, and some tiny touched up surface rust spots but there are no holes! Wheel wells, strut towers and floors are perfect! Remember, this is 21 year old paint! As mentioned earlier, the front bumper and left front fender were touched up when new and were clear coated. The clear has peeled. They still look good as the paint shines underneath but for perfection they would need refinishing. The front grill and edge of the front hood and roof have chips from stones and love bugs (google it). All trim is in great condition. Body side moldings are showing their age due to the Florida heat. I do have one or two replacements in my parts bins. Overall, the exterior of the car is in very good condition. Check out the pictures of the wheel wells and strut towers, PERFECT!
Glass is good on the car but the front windshield has a small star chip on the driver's side. Since the front windshield is original I just sealed the chip and moved on. The bottom of the left front fender and edge of the pinch weld on the rocker is bent. It's not serious but I wanted to mention it. Photos of these areas are in the online albums.

20160410_145233 by Vdublover

leftftdoorjam by Vdublover

Interior: The interior looks practically new. People are always floored when I tell them it's a 96. They can't believe how clean the interior is. I installed a new headliner and had custom plush floor mats made. The entire interior was cleaned by me when I first purchased the car. I removed it to the bare floors. I then cleaned and waxed the floors, cleaned the carpet and every panel, and then reassembled. I appraise cars for a living and even cars just a few years old show more interior wear than this car does. In fact, the only wear is just a bit on the driver's side seat bolster. No rips, no holes. The carpeting looks nearly new. There is only slight fading on the edges of the rear seats. I've installed a near perfect Cabrio leather wrapped steering wheel and leather shift boot to spruce up the interior but I still have the original parts that will go with the car. By the way, the rear cup holder works perfectly but the rubber part is coming off of the ring.

harlequinseatsdriver by Vdublover
dash by Vdublover
20161003_125813 by Vdublover
harlequinseatsrear by Vdublover

My Harlequin is in fantastic condition. It's not your average MK3. This is an inland Florida car. There are a few tiny spots of surface rust that I've treated and touched up but there is no rot. I've been all over this car and have even removed the carpeting to inspect and clean the floors. Check the photos of the car for yourself, you'll be impressed.

I’m meticulous about maintenance on my cars. I want them to be as close to perfect and very reliable. Therefore, I set about replacing wear items whenever possible. I also buy parts so I have an inventory of items to replace when needed.
All of these items were replaced over the past 2 years:

Complete water pump assembly (German with steel impeller)
All Coolant hoses (with VW coolant).
Thermostat and thermostat housing
Serpentine belt tension roller
Serpentine belt
power steering belt
timing belt and tensioner
Fuel pump
Fuel filter
Engine compartment fuel lines
Fuel pressure regulator
Both oxygen sensors
Spark plugs, Distributor, Cap, Rotor, Plug wires
Air filter
Radiator dual fan belt
Seat guides and bushings
All shift bushings and linkages (except the main shaft bushing which has not yet been installed)
A/C compressor (new, not rebuilt)
A/C drier
Expansion block
Fan relay control module
Cowl rain trays (new from VW)
Oil pressure switches
Oil dipstick and dipstick funnel
Rear wheel bearings
Inner and outer tie rods
Steering Rack boots
New H&R sport springs (I still have the original struts and springs)
Front and rear Koni Orange struts
All strut bushings, stops, and dust covers
Ceramic brake pads
Zinc coated vented/cross drilled front rotors
New custom made plush carpeted black floor mats
New headliner
New Hella rear door handles
New Sony remote stereo (I still have the factory VW AM/FM Cassette which will go with the car)

I also have several bins of new and used parts that will go with the car.
Some new parts include: front wheel bearings, ball joints, oil pan gasket, front hubs, complete shifter partsetc.
Some used parts include a spare Tornado red front bumper cover, instrument clusters, sunvisors, lights, seals, a spare right front fender, etc.

I’ve used this car as a daily but mostly as an occasional driver and weekend show car. I have also taken it on several long trips. The longest drive was a 9 hour trip to the Florida panhandle. The car performed flawlessly.

The original instrument cluster was starting to behave erratically so I swapped it out at 166,214 miles. I have photos to document the switch and I also wrote the original miles and date of the swap on the back of the new cluster. The new cluster has less miles so I write down the correct mileage in an excel spreadsheet. Current mileage on the car is about 172k. I purchased the car with about 164k.
So what does it need? I believe the right front wheel bearing is just starting to make noise. It's not loud, but again, I believe in preventative maintenance so I bought two new bearings to replace both sides. I also purchased two new hubs as well. I have not had the time to do this however. The tires have great tread but are old. The noise from the front end might actually be related to the tires instead of the bearings.
The check engine light comes on occasionally showing a code for the catalytic converter (I can show you the code if you wish). My plan was to replace the cat but I have not had the time to do so yet. I’ve felt no issue with performance at all so it hasn’t been a priority. The oil pan gasket is beginning to leak. It's very minor though but I purchased a new gasket that I have yet to install it. In April the heater core failed. I bypassed the core. I have a new heater core and hoses but have no plans to install it. The parts will go with the car. In the future, the muffler will need replacing. It's original, and is still quie,t but will need replacing one day. These are the only things I know of that will need attention.

People buy a Harlequin for many reasons, but uniqueness is one. These cars are only going up in value. It's a true investment that will guarantee you a return as long as you take care of it. Just how rare is my car? At the time of this writing it is one of only 12 known USA 5-spd cars in the Chagall blue base color. Let that sink in. Across the USA, only 12 of these cars are known to exist!

I've taken many, many photos to share so be sure to check the link below to see them all.
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157671949354913

I know buying a car long distance is not easy as I have done it myself. This car is in great shape but it is not a showroom mint vehicle (and is priced accordingly). Again, it has some cosmetic flaws that keep it from being perfect but I'm an appraiser and know that this car is in fantastic shape. If you have any specific question about anything on the car, let me know. If you need certain photos of an area, let me know. I believe a buyer should have all information available to make an informed decision.
I live within 30 minutes of Tampa International Airport. You could fly in and drive it home if you wish.

Those who want a Harlequin realize just how special they are. I'm going to miss my baby and hope she finds the right home. So many of these cars have been abused and or heavily modified. Most are rusty and have significant wear. It’s a rare find to find one that’s a clean original like this. I’d prefer to keep her in the USA but am open to all buyers. Please know, this is a CASH only sale. I will not do payment plans, and I will not hold the car for you for months. No trades as I don’t have the space. I don't have time for scammers. If you have the funds and would like to buy please contact me.
PM me if interested. I’m not on daily but will try to check back every few days. This is also posted on thesamba.com and on facebook. If you are on facebook it's much quicker to get me on there. Just go to the page and send me a message. https://www.facebook.com/harlequingolf/


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By far the best for sale thread I have read through in awhile! I sincerely wish I could make this work out, just not sure I'm in a financial standing to do so with a wedding coming up in 5 months! Good luck with sale!

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If anyone has a lead on a Harlequin for sale, please contact me!! It's something my wife desperately wants me to find for her.

Like a needle in a haystack, though... :screwy:
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