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I have a Mechatronic unit for a Mark II TT for sale, asking $800.

Long story short:

I bought a 2004 Mark I TT 3.2 that had an inoperable speedometer, thinking it needed a cluster replacement to solve the issue.
The reason why I bought it was mainly because the previous owner had just replaced the Mechatronic unit. After replacing the speedo cluster, the speedo was still not functioning.
Brought the car to the dealer and showed them the invoice of the Mechatronic replacement from the other shop that installed it. They informed me that the prior shop had installed a Mechatronic from a Mark II TT instead.
Ended up buying another Mechatronic for the Mark I and the speedo problem was resolved.

Now, I am selling this Mechatronic for Mark II, which has less than 2000 miles on it. Part number is: 02E 325 025 AL Z8. Audi list price $1550, but you can find it discounted for $1250 at times. Asking $800.
I have receipts for the previous owner's Mechatronic replacement on the MK1 TT and the most recent mechatronic replacement I did through the dealer.
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