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2005 Audi A6 3.2L Quattro S-Line Arctic White with Black Leather Interior, Adaptive Xenons, MMI with Bose Surround something like 14 speakers total amazing audiophile clarity and immersive sound, parking sensors, + much more. It has good amount of features.

I have been the sole owner of this mint Audi since 2005.

Before a move to NJ this beauty has spent most of its life garaged, driving on smooth California roads and has had minimal exposure to snow and salt.

It has been cosmetically modified with Porsche, S4, S6 and S8 OEM parts (I have receipts)

S6 Front Bumper, Rear Spoiler, Grill, License Plate Delete, Grill Inserts, LED Lights - over 8k

S8 20x9 Twin Spoke Wheels (considered to be the most beautifully designed wheels Audi has ever came out with, these wheels listed for about $1,000 each)

S4- Polished Aluminum Side Mirrors (Surprisingly, most of the "aluminum" side mirrors on the "S" models are actually painted plastic. These are RARE and highly sought after 100% FULL CAST ALUMINUM which Only came available on the 2004 and some 2005 S4's and the C5 S6 and RS6, B6 RS4's. These list for about $800 each and you probably will have a very difficult time finding them

Porsche 911 997 - Quad Tips (These are bolt on from factory but have also been spot welded. $550 each)

The Audi originally came with the S-Line Sport Suspension. I just recently replaced with H&R Coilovers. Approx 1k miles on the suspension. ($1400) Handles Amazing. Not to mention the Legendary Quattro transmission that already gives you a confident driving experience.

It has been maintained immaculately. Majority of services and every mechanical repair have been performed at dealerships (Stevens Creek Audi, Audi Mission Viejo, Palo Alto Audi, Bell Audi) I have a stack of service records.

Mileage is at 111,115k however its rarely driven. Castrol Syntec 5W40 Engine Oil has been changed persistently at 3k miles. (Audi recommended 10k, and that's why now they say engine is in better condition then cars they see with only 30k.)

All other fluids have been changed at least 2x (Brake Flush, Power Steering, Coolant)

Transmission Fluid replaced 2 x with new Filter 1x

Fuel Filter was just replaced recently at 110k miles

Audi Dealer Carbon Cleaning has been performed 2 x (about 40k and 90k) in addition from time to time I mix with a full gas fill up the Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner.

Major Mechanical Replacements:

- Timing Chain Gaskets were replaced about 90k (like a 4k job, thankfully repaired under AOA Warranty)
- Upper & Lower Control Arms replaced recently
- Coil Packs around 50k
- Spark Plugs replaced at around 50k and 90k
- AC Receiver Drier (air conditioning works great)

Windshield has been replaced and is like new.

There has been a multitude of minor replacements performed at dealers. I was on top of everything while car was under warranty 75K.

All parts on this car other than suspension are AUDI OEM.

Other than the above, mechanically this Audi has been solid and is a great example of German engineering!

The engine and transmission are in Pristine Condition. (Take a look at the picture of the engine compartment camshaft, its like new, with no Residual Oil or Carbon deposits)

Engine ticks with precision (typical FSI characteristic) acceleration is fast and pulls with good power, transmission shifts smooth and precise. Maybe its just me but it feels more like a 300hp car with even more torque.

Over the years the Audi has been painted a few times due to some minor incidents involving mainly cosmetic scratches. Most occurrences in parking lots with shopping carts, vehicles bumping into front or rear bumper, that kind of thing. Since I had a $50 deductible, I just always went through my insurance.

As far as I know they only part that needs to get replaced is the rear left driver side taillight assembly.

The Audi has BFGoodrich High performance tires. I have a brand new set of 2 Michelin Pilot Super Sport 265/30/30 - $350 list per tire. Included. I have some other valuable spare parts that I can also include.

Still smells like the day I bought it. Never had any scent sprays, never ate inside. Leather has been maintained with Leatherique, so its still like new and supple. The steering wheel leather has been protected and is also still matte. Unlike many that you see shiny and greasy.

Inside cabin is quite with minimal outside noise. There are no rattles or squeaks. The car ride experience is really great.

At this point, I'm not sure what else to add.

This Audi is definitely one of a kind and is in immaculate cosmetic and mechanical condition. Its not the fastest car out there but for its weight and engine size it is fairly quick and it does drive like a beast. The handling is superb and it looks great! To think its a 2005.

You will NOT find another one like it. There is a lot of $ invested in this Audi.

Im selling for $20K and considering everything I have listed, Im pretty firm on the price.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Main posting and pics on Audiworld

or Call/Text 908-487-4976



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You'd think that after hyping up this car and listing all the minor overpriced crap you put on this car, you'd provide more pictures, or at least a clean un-altered pic.

quattro transmission? This A6 (04 till 07) has the crappiest CVT tranny ever.

$20k for an 11 year old car, with 112k miles? Good luck.
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