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For those in central jersey with second gear grind.....

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It would seem that, as long as you can reproduce it for them, world vw is willing to do what is needed (drop the transmission, and replace the synchros). I had it there today, and unfortunately could not get it to grind (of course not, why would it grind when I wanted it to), but they told me that if I can get it to grind again, bring it back. They were telling me they had already done this for someone (is that person here, I wonder). Just a heads up for anyone who has been looking to get this fixed.....
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Re: For those in central jersey with second gear grind..... (MJGunn)

teh hard part is gettin it to grind for them. my dealer was the same. i went there to do the grind for them, but it didnt work so they cant fix it. it sux, i wish i knew exactly when to get it to grind.
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