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For those of you with 200 hp

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....or around there any way. What renforcing have you done to the engine mounts and body? What drive train will take this kind of power? Im thinking of running an A3 020 with 16v scirocco axles hubs etc.
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Re: For those of you with 200 hp (bk1GTI)

The lower radiator support should be reinforced, there are guys with less than 200hp tweaking this part of the chassis. I have snapped the cup off of the front mount once but the lower rad support is still ok.
I've been wondering if it would be worthwhile to hack off the existing mounts and weld up A2 or A3 style mounts. Either that or add another rear mount and make something custom for the front. I have broken a few mounts of every flavor (stock, motorsport, poly) and I doubt my car has more than 110hp at the flywheel.
When project gti starts I'm gonna find a 020 CHE trans out of an A3 to use. From what I've read you can use your linkage shifter with it and it 'bolts up' with the brackets from your old trans. It's a wide ratio box with a 3.67 final drive, should go with the g60 nice. A bolt kit should keep it in one piece for awhile.
Re: For those of you with 200 hp (white rabbit)

seam weld all around the engine bay is a good idea, imho.
Re: For those of you with 200 hp (opusdestructo)

it has a lot to do the way you dump the clutch and in general the way you drive the car, you can break strong mounts with stock hp, and stock ones will last a long time if you drive smooth on a 200+hp car (but who in the hell wants to drive smooth a 200+hp vw anyway right?
) what I did is purchased all new from the dealer before going turbo, I hope they last. my corrado is pulling about 200hp and has the same tendency to break motor mounts but the secret of long lasting mounts is to replace them all at the same time so all the loads all evenly distribuited.
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Re: For those of you with 200 hp (stevelangford)

Solid mounts I have not broken them yet, just make sure your rad support is welded in really well and reaplce the side mounts.
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Re: For those of you with 200 hp (Josh[deady]Able)

Never even thought about this problem until recently,when the 16v rabbit I built for a friend started tearing up motor mounts. Here's our plan:
1. make sure the pass side mount is a h/d diesel mount w/urethane insert.
2.urethane front mount. possibly reinforce front mount.
3.urethane lower mount( owner of car says he'd like to try a delrin lower mount from Shine or OPM)
4.new trans mount.
Also make sure to follow the motor mount alignment procedure in the Bentley book.
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