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as some of you know...
1. my jetta will never be complete
2. i am an idiot (perhaps this should be #1)
3. i'm toying with the idea of adding nitrous over the summer ((something somewhat conservative-- 25-50 shot)
4. i want to see some nice/clean setups and discuss what needs to be considered for safety
next round at the bar is on me (if you can find me)
so... show me whatcha got!!

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Re: Forced Induction + Nitrous-- lets see some pics + discuss SAFE setups (MicrobiologyNerd)

Modified by rbr20 at 11:31 PM 2-11-2004
STM RACING Street Golf 11.9 with traction problems
Single fogger 70shot
Stock 1.8L 8V engine xflow
The only mods to the engine are cam and cam gear. Still running cast pistons.
Lost count on how many bottles its went threw.
The key is tuning and running good fuel. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

Modified by rbr20 at 11:39 PM 2-11-2004

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Re: (MicrobiologyNerd)

SDS management
Cam and cam gear
Corrado 1.8L 8V with xflow head and stud kit other then that its stock block
Single soft plume 90* fogger with 70shot NOS system.
open diff trans http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif
STM exhaust system
The new engine being built is a 2.0L 8V xflow with JE forge pistons.
The car is tore apart being painted now and getting ready for the new engine. I will have pics later.
Our other Golf is running a stock 20V junk yard engine with SDS and a 70shot it went a best of 12.50 last year.
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