If you've been to just about any Volkswagen Enthusiast gathering in the last year, chances are you've seen an Orchid Euro booth, or at the very least seen some pieces imported by the Pennsylvania-based outfit on numerous show cars.  Driven by founder Jamie Orr and company's never-ending work hours, as well as their ubernerd-level knowledge of everything Volkswagen and most things European, Orchid Euro has quickly become an irreplaceable asset to the scene through their importation of most things you knew you wanted, and quite a few that you didn't.  It also doesn't hurt that they're so damn friendly and willing to help.


We were quite happy then, when earlier today Jamie posted a thread in the Car Lounge detailing some of the vehicle's he has brought into the country for customers and himself.  While not a complete list of every complete car he's imported, it does serve as a sort-of appetizer for those with the spare change and desire to drive something that was never sold here and at least 25 years old.


To check out the thread, click the link below, and for direct inquiries for parts or cars, click here.