Some really big news happened this week. We're not sure if you saw it, but it was one super Tuesday: Volkswagen elected to reveal the 8th-generation Golf R . With this new model, there's no debate: the MK8 will be the most powerful R ever. VW's new candidate promises 315 horsepower, two transmission options, and a revised all-wheel-drive system that allegedly allows for drifting. Let's hope this is a promise this contender can keep.

But not everyone is behind this new addition to the R party. While it looks good on paper, it has some technology tricks inside that many just can't get behind. The full-digital dash, they believe, is just a little too progressive. And while we shouldn't judge potential pole-position holders by their looks, let's just say these people aren't yet behind the MK8's unconventional appearance. These folks align more with the values of the incumbent, the MK7/7.5: no-nonsense styling, high-quality interior, and honest-to-God buttons. They see it as a timeless candidate, ready to take on everything thrown at it and immune to stylish trends.

For those undecided on which R aligns best with their needs, take a look at PSU's 2019 Golf R. PSU is a long-time VWvortex forum member and a repeat R owner. His love of cars isn't limited to just R models; he's owned German, Japanese, and American iron too.

Late last year PSU checked the ballot box for an Iridium Silver R with a manual transmission, and he's been improving it ever since. He started this thread to document his progress and share his R journey. It's a nice little read that illustrates what a great car the MK7.5 Golf R is and its potential for greatness.

So while we wait to see which R will be the best candidate (we hope first drives of the MK8 happen soon), sit back, relax, and count the pros and the cons of each option. May the best R win.