We swear we are not looking for cars that the owners have named. Sure we had Greta the Jetta last week, and this week we bring you the unfortunately-not-rhyming Doris the Cabrio. Hell, we're not even sure what rhymes with Cabrio. Fabio the Cabrio? Meh. Regardless, here's a thread from our forums we thought you'd enjoy.

VWVortex member Matt (aka BonusParts) picked up this bright red '98 Volkswagen Cabrio while living in Colorado with his wife. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, but his ownership of the convertible did. Matt picked up his life and moved back to Pennsylvania and poured his energy into making a great little car.

As usual, we won't go into all the details, but we should note that this was not Matt's first VW named Doris. Doris 1 was a MK3 Jetta GLX VR6 he picked up from the original owner. He loved that car, but it met an untimely fate at Matt's hands and Doris 1 became the engine donor for Doris 2, the red Cabrio. In fact, Matt and a buddy swapped out the engine on a Friday night and drove Doris the Cabrio to Cult Classic that Sunday. Impressive.

Matt isn't one to leave well enough alone. And while some folks would be satisfied with that six-cylinder engine growling away from under the hood, he wanted more power. Queue the turbocharger! Of course, this cabby also got suspension and brake upgrades to complement all that power.

Sadly, Matt just parted ways with his VR6T convertible. But not before picking up another MK3 Jetta GLX VR6. You always pine for your original love, so we wish Matt and Doris 3 many wonderful years together.

Take a look at Matt's thread in our forums . And watch for future updates on his newest love. Happy Friday everyone.