It's Friday once again and you know what that means: it's time we highlight a great car build from our forums. This week we have one of the most popular cars Volkswagen's ever made, the fourth-generation Jetta. But this is no ordinary MKIV, oh no. It's something quite special.

North American enthusiasts always clamor for cars we can't get here. There was the 1990 Golf Country, the New Beetle RSi, and in China, FAW VW sold a Bora R (Jettas are Boras in China). Now before you get all excited, this was not a sedan version of the MKIV R32 . Sure it had R badging and an R32-style front bumper, but under the hood was a stock 180HP 1.8T and not the glorious 3.2L VR6 engine. It did have a "sports suspension" and a comically large rear wing.

While this wasn't an R32 sedan, it' was forbidden fruit in the United States, and the Chinese-market Bora R had enthusiasts dreaming of a VR6 4-Motion sedan. And VWvortex user 03_uni_b is building something very similar, but better.

To start, the story of 03's car is a bit murky; if you're reading this o3, apologies if we get anything wrong. You'll need to peruse at least two (possibly three - check his signature links) threads, but it's very clear he's a huge MKIV Jetta fan. He started with a standard sedan with the 2.slow engine and upgraded to a GLI VR6 model.

Apparently the stock six-cylinder wasn't enough for him, so out went the original engine, and a 3.2-liter VR6 found its way into the engine bay. Getting it running was a bit challenging (according to what we gleaned from this thread ), and now he's making major changes to the whole car.

His project thread started on January 11, 2019, and since that time his car has seen incredible changes. His 2004 GLI has a ton of very rare parts he picked up in Japan, including trick rear booster seats, Japanese-spec headlights, and headlight covers. Make sure to check out his custom interior with caramel-colored leather covering the seats and door panels. Gorgeous.

So take some time for yourself today, and enjoy 03_uni_b's much-more-than-forbidden-fruit Bora R thread . Pay him a compliment or two when you're done.