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*Yeah, yeah, yeah we know: this isn't a Rabbit. But can you blame us for wanting some alliteration in the title? Last week we went looking for a classic Golf to cover since the MK8 Golf made its world debut. That brought us quickly to vwjunkie42's Hella awesome 1989 MK2 . And then that thread led us to his other Golf project, a 1980-something Golf with a 16-valve swap. It's a stunner.

Way back in the olden times of 2009, vwjunkie42 started a thread on how he was unhappy with his already modified 16V Golf. His goal: 200 HP at the crank. Over the next couple of months, the new engine is built and at 1 am in May 2009, he started to take out the old engine. And later that same day the new one went in.

For the next couple of years, the Golf went through some minor changes; exhaust swaps, larger fuel injectors, some new wheels. Then in 2011, major work started again. The tired body got a thorough once-over, some exterior mods were made, and fresh paint was laid down. In 2012 the Golf got an updated interior. It was looking mighty spiffy.

But vwjunkie just can't leave things alone. In 2013, a whole new chapter started on his Titan Red Golf. He pulled the engine and the interior, cleaned things up, bolted it all back in along with a MK3 Golf dash.

In 2016, the Golf went in a whole new direction. While there are many things we can compliment vwjunkie42 on, the fact that he recovers seats and door cards entirely on his own is incredibly impressive. Out went the original interior (that he refinished years earlier) and in went a freshly upholstered set of Recaros.

Then the real fun began. Once more, the entire car was stripped of engine and interior. We won't list all the work here, but it was extensive and incredibly thorough. And that brings us to the metallic brown beast you see here.

Set aside quite a bit of time to get through vwjunkie's 16V Golf thread ; there are 33 pages. Then leave him a kind word on the work he's done.