There are moments in life when you're presented with something you just can't pass up. Like when a former SEMA show car appears on your local dealer's lot. You don't pass up opportunities like that. And VWvortex member 98DUB had a former H&R car drop right in his lap.

If you've ever wondered what happens to project cars after their time on the show circuit is done, well, here's what can happen. In 2008, University Volkswagen in Seattle Washington, loaned H&R Springs a brand new 2009 white Tiguan SEL 4motion to create a custom ride to dazzle the crowds in Las Vegas.

This little SUV had it all: leather interior, panoramic sunroof, all-wheel-drive, xenon headlights, the works. To that, H&R added a whole catalog of accessories. It has H&R coil-over springs (naturally), O.Z. Ultraleggera 20" wheels, ABT body kit painted United Grey Metallic, ABT pedals, ABT exhaust, and much more.

Well after this Tiggy had its time under the lights, it was returned to University Volkswagen, and at some point was offered for sale. And that's when 98DUB swooped in to pick it up for his wife. His thread starts in 2014, but it's unclear if the Tig was bought before then.

Now some people might sit back and enjoy the work that someone else put in on a car like this, but 98DUB wanted to put his own mark on his lady's daily. Nope, he's been updating ever since.

The H&R Tig has gone through a few changes; wheels, steering wheel, exhaust, and a whole lot more. His 13-page thread outlines all the updates, and a new post with the latest changes was recently added.

So if you're killing time on a Friday and want to see how one owner made a former show car a daily driver, take a look at 98DUB's thread .