Car enthusiasts are an interesting bunch. There are the people that always have to get the newest thing. They change cars faster than some people change underwear (ew). Then there are people who buy a car and hold onto it 'til it's like an old pair of Chuck Taylor shoes; worn in, some frayed edges, and approaching "classic car" status.

Cars like these are drivers, not show cars. And while they do get attention at shows, they don't always take home awards. But they earn the respect of the people that know what they are. VWvortex member volks8 has just such a car. Back in 2013, he started a thread to document the transformation of his MKIV Volkswagen Golf from a basic hatchback, to a big-turbo screamer.

While it's not mentioned in the thread what engine his Golf had originally (probably a standard 2.0-liter four-cylinder), it was jettisoned in favor of a 1.8T AWP unit. And to that engine volks8 and his friends made all kinds of upgrades. It has a ported and polished cylinder head, forged rods, upgraded intake, downpipe, and exhaust. But the biggest piece of hardware has to be the Garrett AR48 Turbo. This thing is MASSIVE sitting next to the original K03.

Other enhancements to point out include the roll cage, Koni coilover suspension (he did run an air setup at one time), Brembo brakes, and BBS CH wheels.

So if you're looking for a great build thread to take up some time while you wind down your work week, peruse volks8's thread in our forums . Make sure to drop him a kind word or two, and then watch for his next upgrades.