Microsoft’s race sim, Forza 7 has just announced a set of new cars available in the Totino’s— really? Like, the pizza roll guys? Alright —Car pack.

The update features seven new raceable cars, including the 1967 Volkswagen Type 3 1600 L and the 1993 Porsche 911 Turbo S Leichtbau. Neither of which Forza has bothered to take in-game photos of, annoyingly.

The Type 3 featured in the game will be a Notchback, which, when it arrived, marked a move toward the luxurious for VW. Thanks to new transverse torsion bars up front, and a meaty 1,600 cc engine out back, the Type 3 was smooth, spacious, and looked like a regular car, which odd for VW at the time.

The Porsche, meanwhile, is a 964, and as a result is among the last RWD 911 Turbos ever produced. The Leichtbau was a lightweight version of the Turbo, first introduced in ’92. It used a Kevlar hood, aluminum doors, thin gauge glass, and the removal of just about anything that wasn’t necessary.

As a result, the Leichtbau was 400 lbs down on the regular Turbo S and about 20% more powerful, an enticing combination if ever there was one.

Also on offer are the 1968 Subaru 360, the 1970 Citroen 2CV, the 1967 Nissan R380 II, the 1997 Lotus Elise GT1, and the 2017 BMW #24 BMW Team RLL M6 GTLM.