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found another possible source for right side dash creaking...

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I was fiddling around behind the fuse box when i noticed that my dimmer switch was kind of wobbly. i popped it out and saw that the left side had a kind of spring-loaded metal retainer clip on it and the right side (beside the light switch) didn't have this clip. I searched behind the dash to make sure that it didn't fall out when i popped hte dimmer switch out but couldn't find it.
I ended up putting a shim in there to tighten it up. I'll find out if it works when i go out later.
excuse the quality of the pics.. i forgot to put my camera in macro mode http://****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif

[Modified by zilla, 12:05 PM 12-1-2001]
edit: the other right, i mean

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