Volkswagen is pretty excited for the start of the Red Bull Global Rallycross season this weekend and to celebrate they’ve released a video featuring their drivers Tanner Foust and Scott Speed.

The video shows two-time Red Bull GRC Champion Foust teaching last year’s champion, Speed, how to draw circles. Speed does his best Abbott impression, as Foust’s Costello tries exasperatedly to explain the simple concept.

It’s not until they get into Foust’s Beetle GRC that the concept sinks in, with Speed easily doing donuts. It’s a pretty solid payoff, that’s helped along by the camera friendly pair—you knew Foust would be good on camera, it’s one of his many jobs, but Speed's also a pretty good onscreen.

It doesn’t hurt that donuts are always, and inherently entertaining, either.

The pair will be racing for team Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross (VARX), a team that only came about recently as a partnership between Volkswagen Motorsport and Andretti Autosport.

Speed and Beetle

The drivers each have a 560hp Beetle GRC to play with this season. This is the Beetle’s second season in Red Bull GRC, and last year it claimed six poles, six wins, and eight other podiums. With Speed behind the wheel, it also won the driver’s championship.

With such a strong platform, the team are confident of victory. “At the start of last season, we didn’t know a whole lot about the car, so we made a lot of educated guesses about what would work,” says Speed. “As the results show, the Beetle GRC was extremely quick out of the box, and I’m looking forward to what we can do now that we have a better understanding of the vehicle’s dynamics.”

Naturally, Speed is looking to repeat last year’s success, but he’ll face stern competition from his twice champion teammate, Foust.

Foust Beetle Front

“Scott had a great seeason last year, but I’m, going to make him work for it in 2016,” says Foust. “Either way, with the team we have behind us, I’m, confident that like last year, the championship will come down to one of us. I’m excited to get started!”

The season starts this weekend in Phoenix. This will be the series’ first time at the circuit, so it’ll be new to everyone. You can watch the race on NBC Sports this Sunday at 2:00.