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Fred's effed up?

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I can't seem to connect to the forums, anyone know what's going on?
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Re: Fred's effed up? (concours)

i got in fine
Re: Fred's effed up? (concours)

ya, shes screwd. Cant get in.
Re: Fred's effed up? (bssv)

I'm running Win2000 with Netscape 4.76 and IE 5.0. My machine hangs using Netscape (will not load the home page), but I can get into the forums if I click the forums tab when the home page hangs. No problem at all with IE 5. My son is running XP with the new version 6.?? of Netscape. No problem with the site. Also, on my wife's oooold Mac 5400 running an older version of Netscape there is no problem with the site either, just slow. Hope this helps!
Re: Fred's effed up? (concours)

Yeah it was down for awhile, seems it musta been the server. Howdy Neighbor
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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