It turns out that, despite their reputation, the French don’t surrender when it comes to Volkswagens. The stars of this short film found a 1955 panel van high on a French mountain and, rather than leave or drag it out, decided to fix it in situ and drive it down.

The recovery team of David Dorsi, Fabien Nayme, Yannick LeFebvre, Pierre Radojewski, and Florian George were turned on to the T1 by a mushroom hunter who found it deep in the woods.

According to the film, the panel van had been stuck there for 40 years and that’s not hard to believe given the state of it.

The film’s narrator says that he was ready to tow the van down the hill, when the notion to fix it up where it was possessed him. He called his buddies and they had what was probably the best camping trip imaginable.

They got an engine into the van, got it running, and were able to beat out the dents, get the brakes working, and drive it out of the woods and down a mountain.