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Bought the car in 2011
Found eBay before Vortex... (Bare with me, it gets better)

Replica Votex
Halo headlights
Replica Kamei grille
Velocity side skirts and rear bumper
H&R Springs
18" TSW Snetterton Wheels
15mm (front) and 20mm (rear) spacers

Velocity rear bumper, and side skirts

Onto the good stuff. It was a really busy winter!
Got rid of the springs.

Glass headlights.

Shaved the trunk and got a new plate.

Color matched front and rear lips. Bora R side skirts.

Found a great deal on a Boser Extension.

Wrapped some interior pieces and redid my trunk setup

As it sits now!

18" TSW Snetterton Wheels
15mm (front) 20mm (rear) spacers
Color matched lips
GLI glass headlights
R/C/R/C Tail lights
Raceland Coilovers
Shaved sidemarkers
Boser hood
Shaved trunk

Washer fluid delete
ECS intake
Color matched plastics

Kenwood 7" in dash
Wrapped A,B, and C pillars
More pics and updates to come!:beer:

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I think the plaid compliments the color of the car well. But the trunk is a little much for me, still looks good tho. And good turn around, that rep was not doing your car any favors lol.

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Sorry man, you had me up until the plaid pillars. Keeping it all tan would have worked out nicely for you.
I bought an extra set of pillars so I could keep the tan ones. I'm sure I'll get tired of looking at them at some point. :beer:

lots of work still to go, but its getting better
Lots of work planned, just have to keep saving. New wheels and smaller tires are probably next.
Nice recovery. That thing was looking a little 2001 F&F for a minute.
Haha forsure


i was hoping you kept it how it was and just lowered it some more :(
Haha, could'nt stand looking at the bumpers falling off.

Looks much better, but still not a fan of the wheels :D
Thanks, getting rid of them hopefully soon!

Did I sell you my old bilstein sports and h&r race springs about 4+ years ago?
Ah Nvm. Saw you bought it in 2011
Could have been the PO, that's what I took off.

Good good turn around.

:thumbup: for the progress; i'm happy to see the fart can is gone. :beer:
Yeah, I grew out of that as soon as I got on here. Now its straight piped haha

At first i was like :banghead: then i was like :thumbup::thumbup:

definite good turn around.

Terrible use of trunk space.
It's not my daily and the only thing I really keep in there is chairs for shows. I still have a decent amount of space as well.

Love how you ran the bumper even though nothing ligned up:laugh:

With that said... Great turnaround!:thumbup:
Yeah nothing liked up, I hated looking at it

i need more pics of that black wagon
Here's some...

It's actually a really easy project.


Some bay shots (washer bottle delete, billet dipstick, color matched plastics, and ECS intake)

Thanks for the comments guys!
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