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hello everyone.
you may or may not know me. but i suppose i'll introduce myself as Tek. I used to drive a mk4. Recently i picked up a 2010 jetta.
what better way to welcome a new car into the world than by modifying it!
here's my car:

it was just finished yesterday, hope you guys enjoy
my long thank you list:
Eric Johnston and Joe for the quick, amazing, awesome install (Sully for the garage - thanks man, you helped out more than you can imagine)
Andrew @ Openroad for the amazing product he has provided me
Swoops for the absolutely amazing trunk setup
Turbo Aaron for all the help with wheels and anything aesthetic (this man has amazing taste)
Ryan Miller because he's eased my mind and helped with quite a few of my problems
Ramon. for telling me the second he got the pallet http://****************.com/smile/emlove.gif
Dan @ CCW for the SICK set of wheels and the opportunity to see how my wheels were made

also i gotta give props to AJ (f_399) - your car inspired me to make this happen.
thank you to everyone who helped with my mk4, and who will help with my mk5.
if i have forgotten you, let me know and understand that its not because i don't appreciate your help, but more along the lines of so many people have helped me along the way that really i just need to thank everyone.

i'm a ***** for not including this in the first post, but thanks to Dave Tormey for all his help, and driving the civic down to daytona to make it all happen.
im a really really big ****** for forgetting TRAVY - thank you for all your help man, you've always been there to help with any question i ever have whether it be about a 4 or 5 or any other car. This entire website is blessed to have you aboard

timmy - always helping me out with car **** when i ruin something, and makes me some damn good headlights!

Modified by d.tek at 11:46 AM 4-27-2010

Modified by d.tek at 5:25 PM 4-27-2010

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Re: FV-QR (dekoone505)

Quote, originally posted by dekoone505 »
nice looking cars! I went from a JB 20th to a mkV myself as well

well the blue car is my friend eric's (ericjohnston27)
i used to have a blue 20th, then a black gti, and now the jetta.

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Quote, originally posted by UBER-GTI »
classy! wheel/tire specs?

18x9 +38 215/40
18x10 +38 225/40
Quote, originally posted by thatskinnykid »
dope tek. get some HID's and call it a day.

nah, i like stock jetta lights, and OEM HIDs are way too much money.

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Quote, originally posted by thatskinnykid »
dope tek. make some HID's and call it a day.

Take note kiddos, this is how MK5s are properly done
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