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I’ll try to keep this as concise as possible.

Back in December I replaced the rear control arms with lemforders and shocks and struts with koni special actives which included 034 bushings and bearings.

On my drive after replacing all this I noticed I had a bad, real bad knock from the front. After poking around I determined the struts were bad. Ordered some Bilstein sport suspension B4, which are a huge difference to the Konis. While disassembling the struts I noticed that the bearings had a lot of play up and down .5-1mm. Replaced those with VW ones and threw everything back together.

Took it for another drive but the knock is a lot better but is still there. I didn’t have this prior to the work.

I did notice that upon reassembly I could still move the spring in the strut. Question is would a strut mount that is not right cause this issue? I’ve done countless shocks and struts in the past and never had this issue.

Thanks all!

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