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front motor mount, should I replace?

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I got a HD mount with my TT exhaust, just wondering if I should take the time to replace it, will it make a difference, will engine sound increase? how long should it take? is it a difficult task in a A1? thanx!
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Re: front motor mount, should I replace? (A1Rocco)

I get it! so will replacing with the HD mount result in less crank to wheel hp loss. what is a GTi stock 18% loss? Also will the sound increase be that noticable, i guess it wont really matter since my bora will just be screaming the whole time anyway! TTT
Re: front motor mount, should I replace? (Steve H)

ya well i ran into some problems today with my exhuast cuz some moron ust have put on the a aftermarket cat at some point. anyway my flange didnt fit right on to my cat cuz y cat has some kind of universal type ount, so i need some special clamp so i cant mount everthing.. ohh well y GTi is sitting in the driveway with nothing but a downpipe on it.. it better be done 2moro!
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