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front motor mount, should I replace?

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I got a HD mount with my TT exhaust, just wondering if I should take the time to replace it, will it make a difference, will engine sound increase? how long should it take? is it a difficult task in a A1? thanx!
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Re: front motor mount, should I replace? (87veedub)

hey 87, the most important thing about keeping your motor mounts in top shape has more to do with saving the exhaust, then the sound. when transverse engines rock, (due to worn motor mounts) they'll take out anything attached to them. i broke studs on a perfectly good exhaust manifold by postponing the replacement of my car's mounts. a lesson learned the hard way. btw, tt stands behind their products like nobody's business. when i called and told them my newly installed front mount appeared to have failed, they sent me another right away without any question. their exhaust systems are top notch too.
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