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Hi guys,

I'm on a short deadline (this Saturday the 8th) to the trackday, and the car is not behaving as it should even after the LSD installation.

When I pull "hardish" (maybe 290hp with 0.8bar setup) on a straight line, even if I hold the steering wheel straight, the car seems to be hovering around. The front seems to be chasing something. I thought that this would be corrected with the LSD making it pull straight all the time but it seems to go side to side, even with the steering wheel straight. I have no whishbone slack, new top mounts, new suspension, no issues with the engine/gearbox mounts, rear bean is in good shape and no slack as well.
Car was aligned (-2.15º camber, stock caster and toe). I have no idea of what it can be....
Do any of you suffer from this or have you suffered in the past and corrected it?
Thanks a lot!
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