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Hey everyone.

Was rear ended last month in my wife’s ‘12 A6 prestige. The other drivers insurance paid to have it repaired and the repair shop did a great job on the rear end body damage. However, the backup camera stopped working. The insurance company refuses to pay for it because the code is B10F514, (front park assist speaker open circuit/short circuit to ground). They don’t understand how that could’ve been damaged in a rear end collision, and frankly, I understand the logic, but it definitely worked before the accident, so I don’t know.

Either way, I can’t find anything on the location of this on a C7. I’m not going to pay $700 to have it replaced, and I don’t feel like arguing with the insurance company. I truly don’t have the energy to fight with those penny pinchers. I should’ve sued them for the injuries my wife suffered, but chose not to.

Anyone know where this part is?
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