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I'm selling my 2000 Audi A6 with a clear title. It has a 2.7 litre five valve motor with twin K03 turbos and a six speed manual transmission. I'm moving out of state so this beast must go!
$2500 O.B.O. Make me an offer!

pics: 2000 Audi A6 2.7l Bi-turbo Manual trans with Quattro - cars & trucks...

The paint is in great condition besides the hood. It needs to be refinished, but it's not too bad. The tires are Continental ProContact and have less that 500 miles on them and they are Road Force balanced by Graff's Garage in Dundalk. The battery is an Interstate battery, also from Graff's Garage, and it was installed new in 2019. The interior looks and smells good, with no broken cup holders, trim or switches. There are no cracks in the wood veneer trim.There are no pending, history or current CEL codes. The O2 sensors and EGT sensors were all replaced within the last 15,000 miles. The trans fluid and diff fluid were replaced about two years ago. The windshield has no chips or cracks. There are no blown light bulbs. The auto window up/down feature as well as the remote up/down and close sunroof feature works well. I don't think there is anything that doesn't work on this car!

I already mentioned the hood. It's not too bad, but needs attention. There is an oil leak. I believe it's the valve cover gaskets, but I haven't really looked at it. There is a motor or trans mount that needs replacement. The drive shaft center bearing was replaced early this Summer but wasn't balanced, so there is a slight vibration around 70 mph. The brake rotors are a bit rusty and cause some pulsation during heavy braking, but a brand new set of four rotors from ECS Tuning is under $100. The two after market fans that cool the FMIC are dead and need replacement, but a pair of new fans is under $60. I bought the cheap ones, I recommend getting better fans from Summit or Jegs. It also indicates that it needs an oil change, but I think I just forgot to reset the oil service reminder the last time I changed it. I never wait the full interval.

I have sold my house in Waltherson and I'm heading West. I've already sold my wife's car, now this car needs to go. We are only taking my truck with us. Some maintenance has been deferred in preference of working on the house, so I am selling the Audi as-is. I've been as forthcoming as I could with known defects.

There are a bunch of parts that I have for the Audi, including, but not limited to, a new driver's side OEM leather seat back cover, a climate control head unit, some various suspension bits, factory A6 door blades, plastic center caps and wheel lug caps, and a bunch of other stuff that I'd rather not ****can. You can take the spares or leave them.

Feel free to contact me with questions. I'm available from 8 am to 9:30 pm.

NOTE I have the cowl cover for the engine compartment, it was out for cleaning, and the Interstate battery was on charge when I took this picture.

Come take a test drive and kick the tires. I think you'll like it.
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