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New Price Even Lower!!!
$850 OBO for everything

Well it's time for me to move on and buy myself some deep dish rims. I bought these rims and tires last June off tire rack. I used them until the fall hit and then took them off. I just put them back on my car a week ago. I am selling all 4 rims with all the tires included. I also have an extra rim that was taken off, due to curb damage last year that I need to get rid of with them. The 2 front tires need to be changed soon.
Rims: 18x8 Borbet LS
Tires: 225/40YR BFG g-force T/A KDW 2
Wheel Offset: +35mm

This is the front left rim. It has the most curb damage out of the four rims on the car right now. For some reason you can't even see the damage in this picture. It is very minor though. Most of the damage is on the outer most part of the rim.

This is the front right rim. It is near mint condition.

This is the back left rim. It is also in near mint condition.

This is the back right rim. It is in near mint condition.
Here are two pictures of the rims and tires on the car. These were taken last week.

The tires with the rims cost about $1300 brand new. I also am throwing in an extra rim with curb damage for free. I am hoping to get $850 OBO for everything. I am hoping to sell these locally but if the buyer pays the shipping costs, I will ship them.
Thanks for looking. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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