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I bought this car in June 2005 to use as a parts car for the fire damaged Bug that I'm restoring. It sat in my garage though and I've never gotten around to using it as I intended. Now I've got the chance to get another one in better shape but I need this one gone first. If not I'll just take everything of value off of it and trash the pan and body.

1973 Super Beetle
Unknown mileage.
Price: $800 OBO
The good:
-Engine was rebuilt Summer of 2003 (I believe I have the receipts for this somewhere), starts up right away, and runs strong.
-Many, many good parts. Includes original radio and factory A/C controls. (No a/c compressor on the engine though.)
-Tires are decent and hold air.
-Parking brake works. (See note under The Bad.)
-Backseat included. (I had it out when I took the picture.)
-All lights, windshield wipers, other electrics work.
-Driveable with a little work.

The bad:
-Needs brake work. Not sure if the brakes just need to be bled or what. I've never had a chance to investigate it. Brake pedal goes to the floor.
-Driver's seat jammed far forward. The PO was really short so it didn't matter to her. Probably an easy fix but I've never bothered with it since I've only drive it home when I bought it and a few times in my yard.
-Reverse gear does not work. Not sure why.
-Was in a minor front end collision at some point in its life. Front bumper is bent, small crease in the hood, and some dents in the front fenders. Hood also does not lock.
-Dent in the rear apron.
-Fuel gauge and odometer don't work. (But the speedometer does.)

The ugly:
-Rust. Surface rust on the floorpans, holes in the heater channels and behind the battery. There's also a spot behind the passenger side rear window. (See picture.)
Although not a daily driver by any means this would probably make a good side car for someone that is looking to get into aircooled VWs and wants something to tinker with. Or use it as I had originally intended as a parts car. Its got a lot of good parts and would have given me a lot of what I needed to put my other Bug back on the road. But I've got the chance to get a fairly solid, driveable, somewhat rare autostick Beetle that my girlfriend can also eventually drive. But before I get that one this one has got to go. So please, help me out. Buy this Bug.

I'm willing to deliver it free of charge within 30 miles or so of my house or you're welcome to borrow my tow bar to get it home. I live out in Sandston, Virginia about three miles east of Richmond International Airport near the I-64/I-295 interchange. (10 miles or so from downtown Richmond.) Sold as is without any sort of warranty.
$800 OBO

I have the passenger side turn signal assembly that is missing in the picture.


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Re: (wurzburg)

Yes they should.

Quote, originally posted by wurzburg »
someone should really buy this bug!!!!! i see the potential.
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