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FS/FT: 1984 Jetta Deluxe (Diesel) $2100obo DE

I can snap some current pictures in the daylight tomorrow, I need to get a newer car thats presentable and can get mad high school bishes...aka I am unemployed, I'd like a newer car that I wouldn't mess with. So my two toys must go.

This is my daily driver right here, I've driven this since Dec/Jan with absolutely no major issues.

Miles: 191k
1.6 w/ FN 5 speed trans
Color: Tan ext, grey int.
Has working stereo on it (Pioneer headunit, Memphis Audio speakers up front, and 6x9 Jensens on the deck) came like that, but I put the headunit in.
Is riding on a 60/40 Cupkit as well so the car handles really well for its age

Currently is riding on some 14" tear drops but they're rubbing pretty bad so I will get new tires for the original 13s and include the teardrops.

Replaced recently:
Timing belt
Water Pump
Vac Pump rebuild

Daily driven, gets an average of 47mpg, the only issues currently with the car:

Starter is finicky, but I have a replacement I just need to install it.
Fan switch is bad, so I will repair the wiring for that, and the coolant tank has a pin hole in the top so I will replace that as well.

Included with the sale will be a rebuilt VNT-15 turbo that needs the vacuum actuator.

The paint is pretty good, the body has some rust in the quarter panels and a small spot on the pass side B pillar, which is just surface though so there is absolutely no rot on this car. Trunk is clean, interior isn't missing anything except the knee bar which is in the trunk.

I am asking 2400 OR BEST OFFER. Car does NOT need to go, but I am trying to get something a little newer. (I've got my eyes on an A4 Avant)

Any questions let me know.

Currently sits like this:

302 584 0430
[email protected]
wanabeskater1588 on AIM.

Sorry for jumbled FS thread, it was just things that came to me as I went along.

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Thanks Peter!

Also if it matters, I am the 4th owner of the vehicle so it hasnt been passed around like many other cars have of its age. :thumbup:

I am willing to trade for an A4 or something though. I can throw SOME cash up top if need be.

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More pictures:

Wiring hanging down is for the cigarette lighter which is currently being used, I just don't have the hardware to mount the knee bar.


Seats have no rips or tears in them, for some reason none of the pics I took came out. It's a grey/black tweed int.

Rust spots:

Last pic shows the area I grinded/sanded down as best I could just to get down to bare metal and zinc primer it and hit it with enamel. Ran out of light and materials to finish up the other few spots.

Strut towers:

The only real "damage"
I will try and get that out if possible. its not even big its just the scuff that makes it look bad haha.

Rust is going to be sanded down and primed/painted tomorrow. I touched up a few small spots today while fixing the fenders from the tire rubbing.

I am not hiding anything, so if there is a question just let me know and I'll answer it for ya.

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A little more history... my uncle bought the car in '88, and owned it for 21 years. Last year the shifter barrel locked up, stuck in third gear. I bought it from him that way and put the FN code trans in it. As the pics show, it has a little surface rust but it is a very solid car. Bump for Geoff, he's a good guy.

Btw, I got your text but my phone is busted and I can't reply. If I only had the spare cash, I would own this again for sure... :(

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Back from dead.

Did hit a deer, which is why the hood is white and the d side fender is primered on the one corner.

But, new parts:

15x7 Wheels w/ BFG tires (forget model name off top of my head)
OEM Euro front with clear corners
Raceland Coilovers (Not installed, currently sitting in the house)

Make offers

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