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FS: 1987 Audi 5000 S Quattro, Pittsburgh, PA SOLD


For sale, white Audi 5000 S Quattro, runs and drives, clean IL title ready to transfer.

I bought this Audi in IL last September with the intention of stripping parts off of it for my CS quattro turbo project, but didn't realize at the time that most of what I need is not the same between the cars. :p

That said, it turns out it isn't terrible, and I feel bad about the idea of cutting it up since I see so few moving 5000s around.

It does run and drive, non-turbo 5 cyl, 5 speed manual. The car has 250K on it, however, I do have a stack of paperwork for maintenance and upkeep done to the engine (and the rest of the car). And it does run nicely! The cold start valve is screwy, so the 1st 15 seconds are a struggle, but I haven't bothered looking into what's up with it.

It does need a new clutch. However, the clutch in it is good enough for it to drive, but it will slip if you're hard on the throttle. Transmission shifts great, all gears are great.

One of the rear brake lines developed a bad leak recently, so I crimped it off to keep the fluid in. Front brakes are squishy, need bled, but they do work.

Has an exhaust leak near the muffler.

Has a little rust starting at the bottom of the rear wheel wells, nothing through the body, underside of the car is surprisingly clean (especially given that it lived in IL previously).

One headlight is cracked, however I do have a set of 85 5000 S quad lights that can be swapped in, included with the car.

Heater core developed a leak, I currently have the coolant looped off from it. Blower motor doesn't work. I have an entire HVAC core and blower box from a salvage audi for it, ready to be put in.

Would be a great fixer-upper project for someone, or good for parts if you need the whole thing.

$800 obo

(Sold for $550)

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