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sorry for late reply, i didnt activate the email me when this tread has posts!! ok well its a 8v 1.8 with 150k km on it. and its black, with grey interior
Now, i had plans to part the car since no body wanted to buy it. i took off the rear benches and the front benches for now, so nothing big and this would give you the chance to see the floors if you want.
These are the bad things,
-cracked windshield ( "L" shaped carck 15cm in lenght)
-muffler making noise
-one broken engine mount
-head gasket seal to be replaced
-adjust fuel distributor
-missing rear window defroster switch
If you're intrested, if you send me your email. i can send you pictures of every angle possible
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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