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1988 VW Fox Wagon
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1988 5 speed VW Fox Wagon, 77373 mi, Located in So. Calif.

I found it in Santa Rosa, Ca.
A friend drove me up there and I followed him back.

Looking for one was a long process.
This one was being sold by a church that took it in as a donation. It had either 63000 or
68000 original miles on it.
Now it has 77373 miles on it.

I replaced the injectors, water pump, fuel pump, (both of them), fuel filter,
took the 5 speed out of my 93' Fox 2 door and swapped that in.
I replaced all the trans linkage bushings with new.

Put fresh tires, and had it aligned the same day.

I managed to find the privacy cover for the back, and the optional rear wind shield wiper
assembly complete.

I've replaced the headlight switch, and I have a spare or two.

I had a shop install a Blaupunkt Bremen car stereo.

What else,... I replaced the rear shocks/struts.
I replaced the units that hold the rear hatch open,
some crazy price, over $40 each!

What all does it need to be 100%?

First install the axle, may as well install both.
Now it can move on down the road.

But! To be safe, the hose between the secondary fuel pump and the fuel filter needs to be

Hard to find. The fix is to bend tubing to that shape and put a short section of the
right size fuel hose on each end.

I have two benders, nice ones,...
I'm sitting in my machine shop,..
the Fox is right here in my parking lot,......

I just can't do this stuff any more.

I'm worn out.

So the hose, axles,... now it's down the road safely.

I once in a while have to add water, I suspect the heater radiator. I bought a new one,
it's still in the box.

I noticed at the bottom of the windshield seal rust is trying to make a home there.
And the wind shield should be re-sealed to be certain it's water tight.

I put it on "non-operation", so there are no back fees.

I'm asking $700 for the car, the parts, & two Bentley manuals.

I'd like someone that has an interest in Fox's, and understands what I have done so far,
and the time and trouble to search down rare parts.

I have some more pictures.

So there you have it,
What are your thoughts?

Have a good one,



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Hello, I would like such a car, especially since living in Poland I have no chance to find a rust-free one. I am a fan of a unique car from the vw family ... I have a fox G40 vw polo 1.3 PY ... it is quite popular .. produced in a similar period. fox gl 1.8 is a rarity But they are tired ... corrosion and unavailability of ... sheet metal parts. your offer in Europe would disappear very quickly for such a copy by inserting the 1.8turbo in-line bex code ... a dream ...... greetings and sorry for spelling ... google translate
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