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I have for sale my 1990 Audi 80 Quattro. The car has 272,5xx miles on it as of today. Will probably go up a little as I drive it a few days a week. If you are in this section of the forum, chances are you know the basics of the car, so I will keep this to specifics about this car. I am asking $500 or best offer for the car.

The car runs and drives. It was my daily for the last 6 years, until a few weeks ago.

-It shifts through all the gears fine, stops well, and tracks straight.
-The interior is in okay condition. It has some staining and the ever famous stapled headliner. It has the distinct 1990's German interior smell, no mold, rat crap, or blown heater core :thumbup:
-The front tires are at 80% and the rears are almost shot.
-Bently Manual! :beer:


So there are a few things that I have just lived with on the car. Here is a list of 'problems'

-It burns oil. Roughly 1 qt for every 500 miles driven. There are no major leaks, its just going out the tail pipe. I suspect some worn out rings.
-On cold start, roughly 1 min after starting to drive, it will bog down. I have been able to 'drive around' this issue, meaning doing a little gas brake clutch dance. After another minute or so of being boggy, it clears up and runs fine. I have no idea what causes this, and it hasn't really bothered me to the point of trying to fix it.
-On hot start (more than 30 min, less than 3 hours, after shutting down) it requires a little extra cranking and throttle modulation.
-Stapled headliner
-LCD displays burned out (clock/radio) and a few lights out in the dash.
-Left rear window doesn't work
-Ebrake is sticky
-Bacon trim
-It probably looks better in the pictures than it does in real life.


Of course it would have a few small things done.

-K&N air filter
-Ebay Ecode headlights and clear corners
-Billzcat1 short shifter
-B4 front control arms (forged) and swaybar
-Sweet Saturn chin spoiler:laugh:

Its been a while since I have sold a car... here is a quick walk around video, and some pictures!


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Looks to have Ecode headlights as well! That's a plus. I'm on the wrong side of the country though for his one. GLWS!
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