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DSC07546 by wolf18t, on Flickr

For more pics, follow the link below.

So the time has come. I am selling my 1990 Golf GTI with VR6 swap. Below is a list of everything on the car. I did put some prices next to some of the big ticket items only to give reason for the price I am asking. I don't usually point out the price of parts, but I know there will be people wondering why a MK2 with a VR6 is so expensive. Just the big ticket items total more than $8000. With that said, I am asking $7000 for the car and everything in my garage that is for the car in any way. Also, this is an all or nothing sale. I will not part out anything. The car is located in San Antonio, TX.

This car in the form and condition it is in is fully capable of running 12s all motor with some slicks and a good driver. I have dailyed the car for the past 2.5 years with zero issues. The chains were replaced just before I bought it and it is still going strong. I'm not going to lie, this car is beat on every day it's driven. It's been a blast to own. The only reason I am selling it is because I want to be debt free. I simply can't do it with a VW sitting in my driveway.

2.9 bottom end
MK4 head gasket
United Motorsports OBD2 High compression 268 cam chip
Schrick VGI set at 4000rpms (~$1000-$2500)
DRC 268 cams (~$700)
WRD Stage 3 Big Valve head ($2200)
Ported and Polished Lower intake manifold
42DD Intake elbow with 1.8t IAT Sensor
3" MBS Exhaust
Slim fan set up. 2 12" fans, running off a Summit adjustable controller
AC deleted and removed
Power steering deleted and removed with EAA DE-Power Conversion kit
Autotech Shock Therapy wires
Entire coolant system has been replaced in the last 1000 miles
42DD Billet crack pipe
Low temp thermostat
Forge Silicone hose kit (coolant)
Biggest airfilter I could fit with a velocity stack

Trans (~$2500)
3.94 Ring and pinion
Stock 1st-4th
0.72 Fifth gear
Autotech Wave-Trac LSD
Eurospec lightened flywheel

Raceland coils
Five lug swap
11.3" brakes
Porsche Adapters (15mm front, 30mm rear, and 25mm spares)

Painted Toffee Brown metallic (same as new Jettas)
Single rounds with relays
Shaved banana lights
Shaved hatch
Relocated plate with light
16" Porsche 928 Seven Slots with new (less than 1000 miles) 205/50-16 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport
Air horns
JOM Tail lights
Yakima Roof Rack with one bike attachment

Corrado dash swap
Black headliner
Corrado front and rear seats
Optima Battery relocated to trunk
Royal Steering wheel
NRG Quick disconnect and hub adapter

Stereo (~$1000)
Pioneer DEH-80PRS Headunit
Infinity Perfect 6.1 component set in custom door cards and Infinity Kappa 32.9cf powered by Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4
Infinity Kappa 120.9W 12" Sub in custom box powered by Rockford Fosgate PBR500X1 with remote

Other parts/things included:
Dash Flocking kit
Taurus Cup holder
Stereo parts to remote mount head unit
Spare Momo Steering wheel
Spare Infinity Perfect 6.1 set
Remote trunk popper
Spare Exhaust manifolds and downpipe (can be used to port and then install)
Exhaust heat wrap
Genuine VW Stereo Blank cover
MSD ignition set up
MK3 foglights
Hawk Pads for all 4 corners

The bad:

There are some minor rust spots (car is from the Northeast)
For some reason, the motor drops off around 5600-6K rpms. Still trying to figure out this problem.
Not really a problem, but the O2A shift linkage is dumb. It's best to swap in a O2J shifter box and linkage.
Sunroof leaks a little.
No AC or power steering. This car was not built for comfort.
Steering column is a little loose, moves up and down slightly.
Turn signals work, but are not indicated on the cluster.
E-Brake works, but requires an adjustment around inspection time.

Threads with information:
Build thread since I have owned it - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6929632-Polishing-a-turd-(A-build-thread)
I used the following threads as a guide for my build...
How to build a 12 second VR6 - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?3862384
Build a reliable, fast VR6 - http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...-relatively-inexpensive-reliable-powerful-Vr6

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cant believe your selling this car. I would love to have it, just a bummer i dont have the 7k.
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