1990 VW JETTA COUPE, Clean body, 2.0 bottom end with JH 1.8L counter flow head. TT / BORLA SS 2.25 catback exhaust system with polished SS Thrush resonator as 2nd resonator on exhaust system. No catalytic converter, stock ride height. two tone dash/kneebar, according to previous owner it was like that from new. I thought this sounded weird but I have heard much stranger things.

asking for $2800/3000 USD (with or without recaro's)
may need to sell asap, taking serious offers only. don't feel like I have the time to finish and keep it. sadly really dont even want to let it go. Has some rust damage in the front and rear window trays. Rust is actually pushing the weather stripping out. Do not want to get rid of it but I hate the idea of having to scrap it even less. Would hope someone would take it off my hands and put it to its much reachable potential, really don't want to see it goto the crushers.

Car is a manual
has painted silver tear drops
cleaned and painted subframes as well as a few other parts
needs a speedo cable
just replaced a bad trans with another 020, have not driven it yet just to be clear...

pics will be uploaded shortly....

My name is Dan and you can reach me at pretty much any time. please call or text as I am not on here often and do not regularly check my email.

thank you

You can reach me at 412-510-9388 its my girls cell phone.
my cell is 412-596-7338 ( My phone is currently broken but will be back on tomorrow the 19th...