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FS: 1991 GTi Vr6 3700$ OBO

OK I would like to add im not sending extra pics out im tired of uploading.. I would rather ppl come see it and take a test drive and understand the problems I have listed!
1 (860) 309 6427 is my cell that you can reach me at!
The name is Ben
Last I need this car sold so im very open to offers...
also forgot 191k on body
Euro big bumper
Tornado Red
Smoked turn signals
Smoked side markers
Smoked tails
Crystal Clear E-codes round/ Grill
Vr lip
G60 fender flares (fronts)
(Rears) are original 16v
25% tint on all windows
16inch BBs rims
5 lug conversion
weitech coilver springs...
95 vr6 12v 2.8 liter (out of a passat) 55k
98 Trans (out of a passat) around 55k also, got them even for I wouldn’t have to worry.
TT Cat back exhaust headers to the tip. Has no Cat but I bought it for 150$ and its in the box still.
Euro speed intake
Other than that the motor is stock really and runs hard and fast..
RICARDO SEATS 8 of 10 ill gives them
Grant steering wheel
Everything else is pretty much stock and in decent condition.
Any questions feel free to ask..
Wipers arnt hooked up.
Heat stoped working so im guessing heatercore or somthin in that area?
And no turn signals.

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Re: FS: 1991 GTi Vr6 Tornado Red (Misfit-)

Just click the pictures to make them bigger... lol

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Re: (EuroDZineS)

Quote, originally posted by EuroDZineS »

are they Ricky Ricardo seats?

car looks nice.. hard to tell with such small pics..

click them haha

ben put in the op click to make pics larger
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