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These are the left overs, let me know if you see anything you need, make an offer etc. There are some other nick-nacks that were in a cardboard box, not photographed and thus are escaping memory... but you get the idea. Car was running/driving strong but had fuel line leaks. Chopped to provide a 5speed conversion to another car rather than fix and continue driving. Shipping/paypal fees extra, or pickup in Concord, NH.



AAN/ECU sold. Harness available still $75

Black leather heated front seats $250

Washer reservoir w/ HL pump and some line $20
Steering wheel/airbag $30
Wiper motor w/transmission $20
Aux electric fan $30
Pedal cluster (brake only, no clutch) $10
Starter $20
Ignition modules with bracket $40
PS high pressure line SOLD
Split rear headrests SOLD
Rear seat belt receptacles $5
Generic rubber floor mats $5
Visors $10
Heater box w/recent blower motor, rubber bellows and three flap motors (red, blue and temp) $75
Split fuel rail cover $10
Firewall connector cover SOLD
10 disc changer with silver converter box $20
Steering column switch shroud $10
Rear outer tail lights $30ea
Front marker/turn signals $25ea
Driver headlight, with bulbs, one upper mount broke in storage SOLD
Bose Amp $5
ABS computer SOLD
Airbag module $10
Rear diff vacuum module $5
Accelerometers $5
Cruise control module $5
Sunroof motor $30
MAF to turbo hose $50
Horns $10
Shift boot SOLD
Upper intercooler mount $5
Center dash switches $15
Window motors $40 for the set
Downpipe w/flex joint and O2 sensor $25
Clutch master $10
Serp belt tensioner SOLD
Upper strut bearing plates $20
Brake master cylinder/booster/res SOLD
Front strut housings SOLD
Airbox SOLD
Heater core lines w/sensor, T-fitting had been replaced $20

Metal plenum/wiper motor/lower windshield cover $10
Plastic plenum cover $10
Wiper arms $10
Upper strut plastic covers $5
Front bumper shocks $20
Rear bumper trim, 3 pieces $30
Left front bumper trim $15
Left headlight washer trim SOLD
Hood mount/plenum brackets $5
Fender support brackets $10
C pillar trim pieces $10

Upper stress/tie bar $10
Upper core support and rad support sides SOLD
Lower core support SOLD
PS reservoir w/cap and line $20
Tie rods $5

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Interested in a bunch of stuff if ya have it
Rear calipers
Any exhaust pieces you have
Corner lenses
maybe seats

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Headlight washer/ bumper trim

Interested in the drivers side headlight washer trim. Any chance you have the nozzle and the cap that goes with it in working condition?

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If you have any of the following, I'd be ready for immediate purchase.

Driver's power window master switch
Passenger side inner tail lamp
Rear headrests
Dome light/sunroof switch console


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Interested in :

Driver inner taillight
Nemo passenger mirror
Delta radio (if display is good, everything is functioning and can get code)
Power mirror controls
HVAC controls
Plastic undertray for engine.
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