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FS: 1992 Jetta GL / $1950 CAD (Toronto -- very clean!)

Asking price: $1950 (CAD)
This is a near-mint condition, black 1992 Jetta GL (manual). The interior of this vehicle is absolutely immaculate. It was kept unbelievably well. It has 80,000KM on a rebuilt engine. The body only has 170,000KM on it! The car is nice and clean as you can see in the pictures (see below). This car was purchased used in December 2005, at which time it was being used as a daily driver with no problems. It has since been replaced with a 1998 Cadillac STS, so I'm letting the Jetta go for cheap (less than $2000!).
- E-brake is dead. This will cost you about $75 to fix.
- There is a small dent (very small) near the driver-side headlight.
- There is a small crack in the bumber. (it's nothing, really)
Other than the above flaws, this car is incredible. It is VERY reliable and I can almost guarantee that it has years upon years of life left. This is a 1992 Jetta after all.. German-made and built to last.
You won't find a Jetta GL in this condition for this price anywhere else, and I can assure you that this will be sold quick.
Included is a FREE tow courtesy of myself (via CAA) to your house from my house, so you don't have to worry about how you're going to get the Jetta to your place."
Also included is a free detailing. The exterior of the Jetta willl be detailed before it's sold.
Pictures: http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y209/MrDrej/Jetta/
If you're looking to buy the Jetta, contact me via any of the ways below:
Phone: 416-291-3585 (9AM - 12 Midnight)
MSN: mike [at] hewa [dot] ca
Email: mike [at] hewa [dot] ca
I'm availiable almost any hour of the day.
Thank you for looking.

- Mike

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No I won't take $1200.
$1850 is 100% firm now.
Now, TTT damnit! I need this sold! I fixed the e-brake and had the exterior detailed. This is one slick looking and slick running car. I put a 10-day temporary permit on it so you can DRIVE IT HOME! Now someone buy it!
Call me @ 416-291-3585... Do NOT email me because I won't get your email.
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