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SOLD. Thanks for all that inquired.

The time has come to part ways with my friend of 22 years. I bought this car before my first child was born, and then taught her how to drive in it. Not gonna cry.....

I will not make any misrepresentation of what we have here. This is a running project car that needs someone to take it and give it the love that I simply don't have the time for any more. This car drives like a go-kart and is fun as hell.

Before we get to the stuff, please know up front....
Car is NOT registered. Has been in PNO status in my garage for over two years. It gets an occasional run around the block to keep the fluids flowing. Legally, you will have to trailer this car away. It has never failed a smog before. Past performance does not guarantee future success.

The car starts on the first twist of the key every time, however, there is a parasitic drain on the battery while the car is off. I have not been able to figure out what is causing it. The car does not have a battery in it due to it dying, but I swap one in there every couple of weeks to start the engine and scoot around the block to keep things working properly. You will need to purchase a battery for the car.

Make go stuff:
2.0 liter manual with 167,000 miles.
Autotech Qchip ECU
Autotech Spark plug wires
Short shift kit
Swiss-cheesed airbox w. K&N filter.
Super Sprint cat-back exhaust (nice growl)
Air conditioning is removed.

Rolling and stopping stuff:
Enkei wheels (these are crap, probably the first thing you'll take off)
Kumho tires with @ 85% tread
Autotech slotted and drilled rotors (recently resurfaced)
Mintex Red Box brake pads. Lots of meat left.
ECS stainless steel brake lines.
New caliper carriers in front.
ATE brake fluid.
FK adjustable coilovers (Including wrenches and FK lubricant)

Body Stuff:
Needs paint and some dent repairs
Euro headlights
Missing rear license plate tub. Trip to the pull-a-part yard required.
Rear wiper removed (Hole needs to be plugged or filled)
Tried to roll the fenders. Didn't go well. I'll throw in the tool.
Started removing old window tint. PITA. Never finished.
Sunroof will angle up, but will not slide back.
Cool little Stubby antenna that will take 4 seconds to steal if you park on the wrong street.
Euro VR6 Lip spoiler (Cracked on driver side)

Inside stuff:
Fairly clean interior for the age.
Standard bolster damage on driver seat.
Back seats removed
Glove box needs new latch
Shifter shortened.
Custom floor mats
To put the windows up and down, you have to move this handle thing in a circular motion.

Couple of pics:

There is more good and bad that I don't have the patience to remember or list. Please feel free to ask if you have any specific questions about something. Serious inquiries only please. I work long hours, so no time for tire kickers. Thank you for reading.

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