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I have a black 1998 Volkswagen Golf GL, automatic, 4 Door, Sedan for sale. The car currently has 107K miles on it and is in good cosmetic condition. It includes 1 full spare tire and 1 donut. Oil and oil filter have been changed every 3,000 miles.
I am looking to sell this car as is to someone who might want to repair it or use it for parts because I am not able to make the repairs that the car needs to run. The catalytic converter is broken and needs to be replaced; also related to that may be some damage to the front pipe and/or exhaust system. Please see the service history below for more detailed information.
Pick-up would be in Tivoli, NY 12583. Cash only; please make me an offer. I can be contacted at alligatorwonder [at] gmail.com.
3/2/10 Replaced brake light switch and battery
2/20/10 Replaced mass air flow sensor
1/11/10 Replaced coolant temp sensor
11/16/09 Replaced fuel tank cap, throttle was cleaned and reprogramed
10/5/09 Replaced purge valve, rotated front tires to back, added two new tires to front
9/25/09 Replaced evap canister and gas filler cap
7/16/09 Replaced ignition switch
7/1/09 Replaced kick down cable
05/21/09 Replaced engine oil pan gasket, Replaced front brake pads, Replaced the oil temp sensor & the plastic housing for the antifreeze
2/20/09 Replaced the front break pads & rotors
At 90,000 miles Replaced valve cover gasket & did the transmission service on the car
At 85,000 miles Replaced the O2 sensors, the the muffler & the middle box
At 70,000 miles Replaced the 4 tires & added 4 new origional vw rims
At 65,000 miles Replaced two front schucks & the two rear struts
At 65,000 miles Replaced the water pump & the timming belt
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