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You need to cool it dude. Go get some therapy. I'm not concerned about the money, its not worth my time sorry. Like I said, i'd rather use it as shooting range target practice than sell to you anyways.

The engine is BLOWN!!!
I’m in Florida and you’re
a moron!!

You asked what it’s worth and
now you claim to be an expert.
It’s worth nothing that’s your
answer. There’s scrap 2.5 engines
on the other side of the pond for

I buy and sell good ones all the time
so tell me whose misinformed?

Make sure to tell all prospective
buyers that no accessories are included
and this bare longblock has two dead
cylinders and a trashed head.

Now go add up all the parts & labor required to make this a running engine


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Can we see some pictures? I have no clue how to get around this stupid assed Photo bucket with blurry images... Id say a grand is a fair price. Everything is very overpriced these days. The thing I worry about, is sometimes it may look like thats the only problem, then you wet magnaflux it and you find bigger issues.
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