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FS 2001 VW Cabrio GLX

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FS 2001 VW Cabrio GLX in NJ for $9000

The car is in great condition. The only problem with it is that one part of the muffler needs to be replaced which is a very minor detail. The car runs great otherwise and is in physically great condition. Kelly Blue Book value says about $10,000 to $11,000. I am only ask $9,000.
The car is black with black roof and tan leather interior which is in great condition. The top is an automatic. It also has automatic windows, automatic transmission, 10 changer cd player mounted in the trunk, heated seats, a/c, radio and cassette, automatic locks. The car is a bit dirty right now but that is from sitting. Once cleaned up, it is just like new, which I will post new pics once that is done!! Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!!

Okay, I now have interior pics of the car. I still need to wash the exterior but as you can see the interior is in excellent condition besides needing to be vaccumed out.

Modified by trace6 at 5:27 AM 9-11-2006
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Re: (digduggy)

I am having someone check it for me right now. As soon as I get the mileage I will let you know. Thank you for your interest.
Sorry I haven't responded yet. My boyfriend has just been readmitted to the hospital in the ICU so it has been a very difficult weekend for me. Once everything calms down and I get a chance, I will let you know the mileage and post new, clean pictures of the car. Sorry again.
Re: (trace6)

Sorry about your boyfriend hope everything works out. I am also interested in the Cabrio. Please send interior pics and info to bryan0[email protected] whenever you get a chance, No hurry. Thanks.
Re: (digduggy)

I finally found out there are 45,201 in mileage on the car.
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