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Hello Everyone!

So it has come time for me to part with my car. It has been sitting in my garage for about 3 years now, I take it out once in a while in the summer time to do maintaince on it and drive it around a couple of time in the summer to make sure it moves. I have owned this car for 13 years. I am the second owner of the vehicle. It has never been winter driven, and she has gotten the best spoilage ever. Aka Dealer Maintained, and never track driven. Car has never seen a burnout in my hands. Only properly driven and opened up on the highway. No accidents, minor rock chips on front of car. This car is all Original, except for the motor work. Interior is all 20th AE, so is the exterior.

I am asking $10,000.00 Because the vehicle is maintained, and I have all the stock pieces of the car in the garage aswell. So who ever buys this car will get all the stock pieces with it. I am not willing to Part the vehicle out, nor am I willing to trade it for another one with cash ontop.


10/10 All original 20th AE interior

9/10 All original exterior parts on this car. Couple rock chips here and there on the front end but nothing major.

Brakes - Done 2 years ago (upgraded sloted rotors and performance pads)
Oil Changes - Every 2500-3000K using Catrol 5W40 Syntec
Water pump/timing belt - Done 2 years ago (have receipt from dealer)
Brake fluid Change last year ( Done at dealer)
New OEM Fuel pump - Last year (done at dealer)
Brand new wheel barring's - Done 3 years ago from dealer
Brand new coil pack, and spark plugs - Done 2 years ago at dealer

Upgraded Parts:
VF motor mounts all Around
Revo Racing Tune (car pumps 21 PSI on the Boost gauge)
Brakes = Slotted rotors/EBS racing pads
ECS upgraded Brake lines
ABD Racing intake manifold
Eurojet Intercooler
Eurojet Upgraded pancake pipe
Carbonial CAI(Cold air intake)
Forge IC piping (intercooler piping)
Forge 007 Diverter Valve
3" Straight pipe exhaust
All upgraded subframe bushings (polyurethane bushings front and back)
Eurosport front Upper and lower strut bars
Neuspeed rear lower strut bar
Unibrace strut Bar behind rear Seats
C-bar strut bar (connects to both rear seat belts)

What it needs:
New tires - The tires I have on the car are about 3 years old. I would recommend replacing them to who ever purchases the vehicle from me.
Airbag light - the airbag light came on in the car, I replaced the whole passenger side seat belt buckle with a brand new one from the dealer, I just don't have a computer to erase the code. So you will have to get the code erased.




Spring times around the corner guys, lets see this beauty go to a good home.

Thank you!

2018 Passat GT, 2017 Tiguan RLine
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Beautiful. GLWS

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I would love to buy it but I already got one 😝 all original is the best thing for the jazz edition cars being only 200 were made and lucky to be 100 left in the world

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Is this still available?

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This guy hasnt even logged into vortex since august of 2019...

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