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FS: 2003 20th Anniversary GTI (BMP) 550whp (PRICE REDUCED)

This car is in excellent condition and currently sitting with my tuner in OH. There have been no short cuts taken when building this 20th and it's SOLID! The parts, pics and dyno sheet are all listed below.



Asking: $16,000/OBO. The build alone cost me just over 18k, this is a bargain so please only serious inquiries. :thumbup: Please send all offers and inquiries to: [email protected]

This car has under 70k on the body and not even 3k on the engine.

- Clear bra extra extension covering: half of hood, front bumper, half of quarter panels and mirrors
- Koni coilovers
- APR Catback exhaust
- BBS CH Wheels with falkens
- Shaved: hood, front bumper (emblem & rub strip markers), repeaters
- Nuespeed front and rear sways & front strut
- 42DD Stewart Warners guages (oil pressure, EGT & 40psi Boost)
- Dieselgeek front skid plate
- R/S/S/R Hella Tail lights
- dual rear fog
- Hella Micro DE Fogs with 3000k HID's
- HPA short shifter
- Tint (VA legal) 50% front/35% rear
- OEM R32 front wipers
- OEM MKV rear wiper
- BFI Stubby Antenna
- Euroswitch
- OEM Monster Mats
- Alpine 9857 with Ipod Connect
- Southbend DXD Stage 5 w/LWFW
- Peloquin Differential
- EIP Dogbone Mount
- H&R 8mm spacers in the rear

Turbo Components

HSTuning Vband Turbo kit with HTA3076 turbo including:

1) HSTuning Stainless Steel Tubular Exhaust Manifold
- 1.25" 304l schedule 10 runner material
- 3/4" thick 304l stainless steel head flange
- Welded inside collector and hand smoothed to seamless point
- Stainless Vband flange is welded to collector in a special jig to prevent deformation
- Backpurged
- 13 Copper installation nuts
- OEM Exhaust Gasket

2) TiAL MVR 44mm Wastegate
- .7 bar spring standard, others available
- 4' of vacuum line

3) HTA3076 Turbocharger
- Flows 57+ lb./minute
- Machined Billet Compressor wheel with 54.8mm inducer

4) HSTuning 3" Vband downpipe with stainless vband clamps
- 304l stainless steel tubing with .065" wall thickness
- 2 piece design for easy installation
- Stainless oxygen sensor fitings
- Stainless Armadillo style flex section

5) HSTuning oil and water lines (hand bent stainless with flex sections, see photos)
- Black/Titanium finish on A/N fittings
- -4 Oil feed with Tial .030" restrictor
- -10 Oil return (304l stainless with small braided flex section)
- -6 Coolant feed/return (304l stainless with small rubber flex on return)
- Adel mounting clamps with stainless bolts
- HST Aluminum oil pan & turbo drain flanges w/ SS bolts and gaskets

6) HSTuning external wastegate discharge with stainless vband clamps (304l stainless 1.5" .049 wall thickness). Re-routed into downpipe.

7) HSTuning 4" Polished Aluminum inlet pipe
- Black 5 ply silicone couplers
- Velocity stack
- Stainless worm drive clamps
- 6" opening K&N filter fits over velocity stack

8) Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
- Includes HST fittings to install in stock fuel filter location
- Fuel pump wiring harness
- Supplemental fuel filter

9) NGK BKR7E Spark Plugs

10) OEM 45 Degree Heater Core Firewall Connector

11) Eurodyne Maestro Suite

12) Bosch 977cc Fuel Injectors

1) Ferrea Valves
2) Cat Cams 3653 cams
3) Cat Cams cam gear
4) AEB casting
5) Dowel pinned crankshaft and cam gear
7) Cometic head gasket
8) ARP head bolts

Lower Engine: 2.0T
1) Forged, Knife Edged, 92.8mm Crankshaft
2) Integrated Tuscan I beam rods
3) JE 83.00mm forged pistons

Other Components:
1) SEM Motorsports Intake Manifold
2) 80mm Throttle body
3) Labonte Motorsports Water/Alcohol Injection kit
4) HSTuning Front Mount Intercooler kit
5) APR 3" Cat-back Exhaust system
6) Boostvalve Deluxe Dual Stage Boost Controller
7) Southbend Stage 5 Clutch w/ Southbend single mass flywheel
8) 42 draft designs stealth catch can
9) 42 draft designs Vacuum block
10) DEI titanium turbo blanket and downpipe wrap
11) Fluidamper harmonic stabilizer.
12) 42 Draft Designs shifter bushings
13) VF Engineering Motor and Trans mounts
14) 80mm Dodge hemi TB

My car has also made it onto the Forced Performance website in respects to the HTA turbo it's running: http://store.forcedperformance.net/...oduct_Code=NTGT3076HTA&Category_Code=Turbo-FP


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one of the nicest cars on here! :thumbup: giving me some inspiration to start my motor :laugh:

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I can't believe you're selling it.......It def has some of the nicest fabrication work I have ever seen. Why are you selling? You tired of breaking traction at 120 mph? haha

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This thing is ridiculous and will be solid for years. Never got to drive it, but the rides were awesome!

Great project to buy, guys! :beer:

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the paint is impecable..wut color is that? looks like gun metal-ish loll
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