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FS: 2003 GTI 24V VR6 154,000km

Hi All,

My 2003 GTi VR6 24V up for sale:

Selling because I am bored / looking for a new toy.
Has served me well the last 3 years I have owned it and love it to death, I am sure there is stuff i missed but have a giant binder full with records and receipts. This car has never once leaving me stranded and always puts a **** eating grin on my face under acceleration... This was also owned previously by a fellow enthusiast who cared for the car since bought new in 2004, I am the second owner. Bought the car stock in 2013 @ 113km and have done all the mods below with the exception of the phatnoise box.

Audi TT Hubs, mk4 bearing
Audi TT front control arms
Audi TT balljoints
audi TT FSB w/ new hardware and heavy duty links
Both axles replaced with Raxle Axles
KW V1 coils
Uro Tuning dogbone mount
PTM skid plate
Axleback magnaflow w/ custom pipe, deleted resonator
Euro headlight switch
Custom retrofits w/ glass lense (1000 invested)
draft 42DD shift link bushings
stubby antennae
UM stage 1 tune
KN drop in filter
Stock Montes w/ New Pilot ASR3 (225/45/17)
Cloth seat conversion w/ heat (was leathers but had bolster rip)
Phat Noise 20GB MP3 player (have dock and hardware)
GTI Monster Mats
2004 cupholder mod
set of winter steelies w/ Michelin x-ice3, brand new last year
waterpump/thermostat - 07/2016
radiator fans - 02/2015
radiator fan switch - 02/2015
sparkplugs - 05/2015
ignition coils (2,5) - 06/2015
fluid service (tranny, steering) - 06/2015
hatch replacement under rust warranty - 05/2015
oil changes every 5500 (synthetic @ kaltire)
washerfluid pump leak
sunroof doesnt slide (only tilt)
small rust in typical VW places (fender, door sills)
plastic over ashtray is broken (i have the parts)
camshaft position sensor code (100$ part, will probably be fixed by the time she sells)
underbody is MINT 10/10
I have all stock parts (entire front suspension, lights, interior bits, axles, exhaust ext)

SOLD. :cool::beer:
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