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I have to let her go, I need a car that is more Van Wyke Expy / construction zone friendly. No major mechanical issues. All other issues I had before have been solved and professionally worked on. PM me offers...80K on her with all services (including timing belt) done. Salvage/Rebuilt title, but the car runs very nice... I listed ALL things need to restore the car to perfect, none which are major. I don't like to withhold info and waste time.

4500 Non-Nego. Title in hand, first serious offer sends her off.

What it has:


Python Viper Alarm with auto start and graphic controller (very nice)

18" Miro staggered BBS replicas also from Neuspeed with new tires put on 3 weeks ago

Just did the ECS Ultimate Timing belt/Water pump/ Thermostat/ All belts/ Coolant service with fresh oil change.

R32 Bushings

New coolant flush/expansion tank

New Cat and O2's


but AIRBAG light is on... airbag is in, something sensor related. All other issues solved.

What it needs:

Bodywork (see pics)... rear quarter panel hit from previous owner and front bumper cracking.

Salvage rebuilt title, but if the paper didn't say so, you wouldn't have known.. car drives really really nice.

80 K on the Tach, still my daily driver. Beautiful, just need to get a car that can take rougher roads in NYC. :( She's beautiful though. I hate to let her go...

PM me offers

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5937524927/

IMAG0011 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

IMAG0018 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

IMAG0017 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

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IMAG0015 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

IMAG0013 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

IMAG0011 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr

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IMAG0020 by chaosnyli1, on Flickr
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