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PRICE DROPPED: 2004 Reflex Silver R32 w/ HPA Turbo FT450 and lots of mods (52K miles, in MA)

UPDATE 3: Sale pending
UPDATE 2: Price dropped
UPDATE: I would accept any reasonable offer (not less than what dealer would give me). I hate to waste all the work I have done to the car by trading it in.

I need a bigger car and my wife doesn’t want another car on the driveway, so it is time to move on. Please see the post #2 for some history. And please contact me if you want to see more photos.

I’m selling my 2004 VW R32 with HPA FT450 Turbo Kit with mods.

It has 52K miles on the odometer. I’m the original owner, and have been taken good care of it myself. I have over 40K of mods into this car, not including labors or car itself.

Here is the long list of what you would get:

- 2004 Volkswagen R32 in Reflex Silver, leather, 52,338 miles (as of 8/14/2012), located in Massachusetts.

- HPA FT450 Turbo kit with competition intercoolers (was $15,000)
- HPA Race Grade Connecting Rod Bearings
- HPA Dual High-Flow catalysts
- HPA Lengthened Gear set (was $1,600)
- Swain Tech Thermal coating on all pipes and turbine housing (was $600)
- HKS EVC 6 with EasyWriter PC interface (was $600)
- Raceware head stud kit (was $300)
- EVOMS V-Flow intake (was $250)
- TT valve cover with Black powder coated
- DLI-Teknik engine mounts (was $500)
- 034Motorsport Track Density dog bone ($100)
- EIP Competition Exhaust system with custom resonator (No drone!) (was $800)
- Bosch 044 Motorsport inline fuel pump (was $280)
- Lightweight Alloy standard size pulleys (Crank, Water pump, PS, tensioner) (was $500)
- Low profile Mk5 oil pan and matching oil pump (high ground clearance) (was $300)
- Intercooler mister (installed but not wired yet)
- Aeromotive Ajustable fuel pressure regulator (was $250)
- Bigger oil cooler from 3.6L VR6
- Samco Blue Silicon cooler hoses
- VAD Mobile scanning tool with Palm TX (was $250)
- Aquamist HFS-5 water injection system with dual injectors (was $900)

- KW V3 Coilover Kit (was $1,800)
- KW sport camber plates with competition alloy top mounts (was $400)
- CPP Rear adjustable control arms, Stainless steel, TOP&BOTTOM (was $750)
- Tomas Sport Tuning Rear Stress Brace (was $300)
- Front Autotech ClubSport 25mm hollow sway bar (was $200)
- Rear Neuspeed Race Series 25mm hollow anti-sway bar (was $300)
- S3 Front strut tower brace
- BBS 18x8.5 CH wheels (was $2000)
- Continental ExtremeContact DWS 235/40/18 all season
- Compact spare tire

- Brembo GT Front Big Brake kit 355x32 6 piston with slotted rotors (was $3,600)
- ECS Tuning Rear Stage 1 Upgrade kit 308x22 with slotted rotors (was $650)

- HPA/Sach sport clutch (was $1,500)
- Front AND Rear Peloquin's Differentials (was $2,000)
- HPA Competition Haldex controller (Orange) (was $950)
- HPA short shifter (was $150)

- Pioneer Premier DEX-P9 head unit (was $900)
- Pioneer Premier DEQ-P9 sound processor (was $800)
- Pioneer IPod link
- Memphis Audio 4 channels amplifier
- Focal 8" 21V2 subwoofers x2 (was $400)
- Seas Lotus Reference 2-way component speaker set (was $900)

- Genuine VW European HID headlight w/clear shield (was $1,300)
- Black out W8 Overhead console
- European headlight switch with Foglight LED mod
- Hella Micro DE HID driving light (was $500)
- Rear Fog light Mod

- Defi D-link System electronic gauges and controller (boost, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure) with warning, recording and play back capabilities (was $850)
- Defi VSD Concept Heads up display for above gauges (was $350)
- Gorilla trunk mat
- Extra VW Monster mat set
- Extra VW All Weather mat set
- Extra Audi TT pedals
- Aluminum Safecraft Fire Extinguisher and Custom Mounting Bracket ($400)

- Seat Cupra R Front Splitter (New in the bag, NOT installed yet)
- Rear Aero wiper
- Phaeton shark fin antenna
- Chrome side mirror covers

Stock take-off parts available:
- Intake manifold
- exhaust manifold
- down pipe
- catalysts pipe
- exhaust
- suspension (front & rear, full assembly, less than 100 miles)

- The car has NEVER involved in any accident. It has never been driven by anyone else but me. The car may have been driven hard, but never been abused.
- HPA Turbo Kit was installed on Fall 2006. The kit is absolutely trouble free. Not a single problem. Since the installation, I didn’t have to work on it at all. I had my share of aftermarket force-induction experience. This kit is as close to factory as you can make.
- The engine runs really smooth and strong. It doesn’t burn any oil at all.
- The clutch is the best HD clutch I have driven. It can handle all the power and yet it is very easy to drive on the street.
- Oil change twice a year: once in spring and once in fall, with Motul or Castel 5W40 full synthetic oil.
- All scheduled maintenances are followed to the dot, if not more. (I changed transmission, differential, Haldex fluid and filter every year)
- The interior is in very good shape. There isn’t any major issue.

Know issues:
- There are plenty of scratch marks on the driver’s side. They are too deep to polish out.
- A small dent on the hood
- A small dent on the rear hatch
- The front bumper is cracked, and has chipped pretty badly.
- There are a few chipped/rust spots
- It needs alignment. The ball-joint on the driver’s side was replaced a couple months ago. It messed up the alignment a little bit. I wanted to get the alignment done at the local race shop, but I never make the appointment.
- There's a problem w/ CD player. The radio and IPOD connection still works.


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Some history

I bought the R32 back in Feb 2004. It was one the first few R32 in the state. I ordered SHS coilovers and VW HID headlight even before I took delivery of the car. After driving the car a little bit, I decided to get force-induction. It had good power stock, but more is always better. The only sensible option at the time is VF Eng supercharger, and that’s what I went with initially. I had the supercharger system for a little while, but I never like it. The ECU tuning wasn’t working very well, and the power wasn’t there when I need it. In the summer of 2006, I was talking to HPA about their short-runner intake manifold. I wanted to try that on the supercharger system. One thing led to another, when I was done talking to them, I bought a whole bunch of stuff from HPA: FT450 kit, lengthened gear set, comp intercoolers, clutch, haldex controller,.. I have to admit: I’m obsessed to hardware. Modding car was my hobby, and I started to collect and install hardware for this car.

When the car was stock and I went to one driving school. I was hooked and humiliated. I wanted to go back for more, so I built up the car for that. But it turns out I never got around to do it again. Fortunately, the car is a pure joy on the street. I don’t drive the car recklessly, but I enjoy winning 40-100 races in “close circuit”. You have to see the face of drivers of some high priced sport car when they lost. In fact, there are not too many cars on the road that can match its power, handling and stealth. I thought I marry to this car for life.

Well, my other marriage, and the real world situation have something to say about it. My three kids are much bigger now. Starting this summer, I have to drive them around every day. It is pretty hard for grown kids to climb in and out the back seats. And my wife doesn’t like R32 since day 1 (she doesn’t drive manual). So when a few things were expired or need to be renewed (insurance, …) last month, we decided to get a new car, a sedan, and it is time to say good bye to my beloved R32.

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Thanks for the bump :thumbup:

I dyno'ed the car once. I can't find the printout, but IIRC, it has about 375 whp and 350 wtq. That's w/o water injection on pump gas.

For the price, I was paying for the reliability, quality and customer service, on top of the pure power. I think I got what I pay for. It was pretty expensive, but my car didn't have any engine problem for the 6 years that I have the kit. Not even once. To me it is worth it.

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Price dropped and stock parts included

New lower price, please see post #1. My new car is enroute to the dealer. I need to move this car asap.

On top of that, I went through my storage and find stock parts that were took off when the car was modded. Whoever bought the car can take them:

Intake manifold, exhaust manifold, catalysts pipe, exhaust, suspension (F&R, spring & damper, less than 100 miles)

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wow, that price is pretty frig'n good. :eek:

many people will kick themselves after it's sold.

what i would do with it first?

battery relocate and SAI removal.

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interested in an 04 24V gti VR6 turbo + cash? God i want this car sooo bad! Amazing deal! to find a car this nicely set-up for under 20 stacks is rare! good luck with the sale. i would jump on this if i didnt just pay my lawyer 20thousand:banghead::banghead::banghead:

id trade my VR6 turbo and my GTI 337 for this thing!

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interested in an 04 24V gti VR6 turbo + cash? God i want this car sooo bad! Amazing deal! to find a car this nicely set-up for under 20 stacks is rare! good luck with the sale. i would jump on this if i didnt just pay my lawyer 20thousand:banghead::banghead::banghead:

id trade my VR6 turbo and my GTI 337 for this thing!
DID u not read his post where he mentioned hes getting rid of the car since he needs something larger? WHy would he trade a Golf for another Golf....:what::screwy::laugh:

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Thanks. I'm not looking for any trade. I have ordered a car already, and it will be at the dealer in a couple weeks.

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UPDATED: I would accept any reasonable offer (not less than what dealer would give me). I hate to waste all the work I have done to the car by trading it in.
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