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It is time for me to sell my wife’s Passat. I bought this car only two years ago to replace the car she had been driving that suddenly and completely died. The plan was to keep it long term, but she inherited a much newer car last February, so this car is no longer needed. We hung on to it for a while because we were concerned about the practicality of the new car since it is small and electric. Turns out it meets all of our needs completely, so time for this to go to a new home.

Here is the good…. The car has many new parts. I immediately changed the timing belt, water pump and thermostat. I also replaced both oxygen sensors and MAF sensor. The secondary air injection system is almost all new; pump, hoses, and check valve. The car has no rust, and the history shows it was never in an accident. Cosmetically the car is in great shape for its age inside and out. It has nice wheels from a newer Passat with almost no wear to the tread, that were installed by the previous owner. The leather interior overall looks really good as well. I installed a Crux Bluetooth adaptor that allows music to stream from any smart phone. That with the Monsoon stereo, sounds great. All in all, the car is a pleasure to drive. It starts and idles perfectly. It feels solid, and there are no unpleasant noises of any kind. It has a clear title in my name.

Here is what needs attention. The car is out of inspection. If that’s a deal breaker, I’ll take care of it, but if it sells to someone out of state, they’ll need to do it again anyway. The CEL is on. There is one code still for the secondary air injection system. The only part left to replace I believe is a solenoid, but I’ll leave that to the experts. The airbag warning light comes on. My VAG-COM indicates it’s caused by a short beneath the passenger seat, but I never investigated any further. If the photo link works, you will see the spare is on the car. Unfortunately, one of the almost new tires got a slice in the sidewall that couldn’t be repaired. The wheel is undamaged and will go with the car. The doors do not all operate correctly. The rear right door will not open from the inside, and the driver door can be opened from the outside even when it is locked. This does however trigger the alarm. The air conditioning did not work sufficiently last summer. I also feel like there is a vibration in the drivetrain under moderate to heavy acceleration. I’ve never driven another to compare, so I just wentahead and ordered all new motor and tranny mounts, but never got around to installing them. They are included with the purchase. There is a small dent on the back pillar to the right of the rear hatch, but otherwise exterior looks pretty good. I polished the headlights about a year ago, and they looked and worked great, but have gotten a little cloudy again. The driver’s seat has a small tear about one inch, and the shift boot is weathered, otherwise the interior looks pretty good. I think that about covers everything, but I’d be glad to answer any questions.

I also have some goodies that could be had at an additional cost; Bentley Manuals, Thule roof rack, and a Ross-Tech VAG-Com.

Hope someone can give this car a new home. Thanks.

Photo link didn't work so hopefully my link to Craigslist will:

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