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I have a one owner 2005 Golf TDI GLS with 246,657 miles located in Trenton, NC. No pets & none smoking.

Asking $1,500 OBO

Next service at 254.470 miles (equivalent to 100,000-mile service.
Timing belt replacement at ~285,000 miles
Mileage: 42 MPG

Significant items replace in last two years:
Turbocharger-Jul 2018
Fuel tank pump-Nov 2019
Engine coolant fan-Aug 2020

Engine is fully operational.
Transmission is operational; however, defective internal temperature sensor causes hard shifting and un-commanded shift changes in cruise. This defective sensor and related, external sensor problems have been identified by AAMCO transmission personnel. Transmission requires rebuilding or replacement.

Phone: (910) 324-5380
Email: [email protected]

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