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2005 Passat TDI GLS Wagon.
2.0 TDI with 5speed Auto (Tiptronic.)
Reflex Silver,
Black leather interior,
Power everything, heated seats, sun/moon roof, roof rack, etc.
255,000 miles, runs like a top.
Asking $4500

Curt Trailer hitch kit installed with proper wiring harness.
17" Continental Extreme Contact DWS's with very good tread
16" General Altimax Arctic snow tires for the car (they're installed right now.)

Car is mechanically very good. Starts every morning. Can be a little cold blooded when it's -10 here in WI, but it starts.
Suspension is solid and tight, no fluid leaks etc.
Interior is very clean. No rips, tears, or wear spots in the leather.
Has some dings and dents, nothing major or that I wouldn't expect on a 250k mile daily driver.
I've seen an average of 34-38 real world gas mileage city / hwy. I have seen a legit 41mph on long hwy trips at 60mph.

Balance shaft delete at 210,000 miles before it became a problem. (noisy chain.) http://www.myturbodiesel.com/wiki/o...air-and-delete-b5-passat-and-audi-tdi-engine/
New timing belt, tensioner and water pump and oil pump also done at 210,000
New turbo done at 201,000 miles by person I bought it from.
These are the two major mechanical issues known with the 2.0 TDI motor. I have confidence this car will run well into the 300,000 mile range.

Known issues:
Drivers side latch / lock mechanism doesn't always indicate door is closed so power lock sometimes don't trip. This is a pretty well known issue, just haven't gotten to replacing the mech. with a new one. Part is about $150. http://www.taligentx.com/passat/maintenance/doorlockmechanism/
Small rock chip that's been patched in windshield.

I've owned the car for 5 years and other than the preventative balance shaft removal, haven't had to do any major mechanical work. Only reason I'm selling is that I've decieded it's time to purchase a VW CC.

Pics on Craigslist: http://appleton.craigslist.org/cto/5414775521.html
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